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Hashtagram- Realtime Slideshows For Instagram

Hashtagram is a web-based app for Instagram which works like real time slideshows for Instagram.

Hashtagram randomly picks the photos uploaded by users on Instagram and display them in slideshow with automatic scroll up and down feature, at the rate of one photos at a single time on complete page. The data posted with pictures like its name, description and comments made on it are also displayed.

Clicking on the photo takes you to the Instagram account of user who uploaded that particular photo. The time at which the photo was uploaded, is also displayed at the bottom of page. Moreover, you can share the photos on social media, within the Hashtagram.

It’s completely free to use. You should try Hashtagram now.


  • Slideshows for Instagram
  • Automatic scroll up and down of Instagram photos for rich view
  • Click on photo to go to the Instagram profile of user
  • Share the photos within the app
Hashtagram- Realtime Slideshows For Instagram

Hashtagram Says

Hashtagram lets you to view the Instagram photos in slideshows. The photos are displayed at the rate of 1 at a time and automatic scroll up and down provides a rich viewing experience. Photos can be shared within the Hashtagram.

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Hashtagram– Realtime Slideshows For Instagram