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T-Messenger Adobe AIR based twitter client

T-Messenger is an Adobe AIR based twitter client that’s supposed to be simple, clean and fast.

Since it’s an Adobe AIR application, it supports Windows, Linux as well as Mac. You can create groups to sort out all your twitter friends into various categories and keep a tab on updates from those who really matter.

T-Messenger allows you to strike a conversation with your friends as you would using a messenger. Double click on any of your friends username and start a conversation with them. If you wish to type more than 140 characters, then go ahead, just do it. T-Messenger would break it into multiple updates, all automatically just for you!

Uploading an image cannot get easier than this. There’s no upload button, you just need to drag an image and drop it into the update box! Images would be uploaded to TwitPic. The app also shortens long URLs automatically for you.

P.S. When I tried updating a tweet with more than 140 characters, it did break the tweet into two parts but unfortunately both the updates seemed to have only the first part! Hope the bug’s resolved soon.


  • Clean and Simple interface
  • Adobe AIR based desktop application
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Chat with your twitter friends
  • Create groups and filter messages
  • Automatically splits updates greater than 140 characters


T-Messenger Says

A simple to use, powerful, intelligent Twitter client for every-day users



  • @Fokker680 – Developer of T-Messenger. CTO at Alkon.com.ar/.cl/.pe/.mx – Software developer and designer, climber and a sucker for cars and high tech gizmos.

Twindexx – crowd-sourcing the best of twitter

Twindexx is a twitter crowd-sourcing site that helps you find relevant twitter users.

Twindexx rates users based on the recommendations received. You can refer your friends by sending an @Reply to @twindexx with your recommendation.

The site also helps you group twitter users so that you see tweets only from users you really want to follow.

Users are categorized into various categories and if any of your recommendations involves a category that is not listed then a new category would be created.


  • Twitter crowd-sourcing site
  • Find relevant twitter users to follow
  • Lots of categories to choose from
  • Group twitter users to never miss any of their tweets
  • Recommend friends


Twindexx Says

For twitter to become what it is, things had to get noisy. We wanted a better way to find useful people to follow, based on endorsements from the crowd and an inherent level of trust. A lot of followers are great, but it’s not an ideal indicator of value

Twindexx is a way to find the best and brightest of twitter based on recommendations of others and shared interests. You can find the most relevant people to connect with, and see who they connect with and recommend, and who they connect with and recommend.


  • Twindexx – Crowd-sourcing the best of twitter


  • @twindexx – Find and recommend great users to follow at http://www.twindexx.com
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TwitZap – real-time twitter updates, groups and more!

TwitZap is a really nice web based twitter application which aims to better your twitter experience.

The site provides a slew of features that seem both interesting as well as useful. To start with, the site provides real time updates of tweets. Which means, you just have to stare at your screen while the site updates itself with the latest tweets!

You can easily @Reply, DM and RT any tweet you like. TwitZap provides you with an option to group users that are interesting into a single group and follow them easily. This helps when you have a large number of friends on twitter but would be particularly interested only in a few at the moment.

Shorten URLs’ and share files on twitter as well!

Search for keywords on twitter as well as view only the tweets which have been marked favourite by a particular user. View StockTwits feed as well. TwitZap helps you keep track of tweets that you have already read and displays the unread tweet count.


  • Real time update of twitter timeline
  • Easy search
  • Easily @Reply, DM and RT interesting tweets
  • Group and follow only those users whom you are particularly interested in
  • StockTwits feed
  • Shorten URL
  • Share files on twitter
  • Keep track of tweets that you have already read


TwitZap Says

TwitZap is a new way to use Twitter. It lets you slice Twitter into realtime streams of stuff that matters to you. On top of that, TwitZap users can tweet each other in real-time using our Twitter accelerator technology even while Twitter is down.


  • TwitZap – A better twitter web interface


  • @twitzap – TwitZap is a new way to use Twitter. It lets you slice Twitter into realtime streams of stuff that matters to you.
  • @rfurlan – Quant Trader, Software Engineer, Science Lover, Militant Atheist and Soon-to-be-Robot
  • @braden_e – I build things. /currently: twitzap.com, wireclub.com