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FutureTweets – schedule your tweets

FutureTweets helps you schedule your twitter updates for posting at a later date.

You can choose to schedule tweets at a specific time as well as send the same message in a recurring way daily, monthly or even yearly!

Tweet scheduling can come in handy for automatically tweeting birthday wishes to your friends every year or wishing your followers a very good morning every day!

You need to first register for the service before you can start scheduling your tweets.


  • Schedule tweets for posting at a future date
  • Schedule recurring updates for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly


FutureTweets Says

FutureTweets.com is a free service that lets you schedule your Twitter messages. Send it at a specific time in the future or send a reoccuring Tweet daily, weekly, monthly or yearly!

You’ll never forget the birthdays of your beloved Twitter friends again! Just schedule a nice Tweet on their birthday!



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