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Twaxed – beware of what you share on twitter

Twaxed seems to be on the lookout for tweets that may be funny, embarrassing or just plain stupid!

The site’s a nice place to find some funny tweets. You can vote a tweet if you like it or bring it down if you don’t.


  • Find funny and stupid tweets
  • Vote up or vote down tweets
  • Submit funny tweets


Twaxed Says

Beware What You Share, You Will Get #twaxed

Vote and comment on the most active below, or click here to see the most popular Tweets of all time. If you find a funny Tweet, submit it! Beware what you share, you will get #twaxed.


  • Twaxed – Beware what you share


  • @twaxed – Beware What You Share, You Will Get #twaxed

ComedyTweet – have a fun time on twitter

ComedyTweet brings to you all the twitter comedians at a single place. You can find the funniest tweets on this site.

The site displays tweets and photos shared by these twitter comedians. You can retweet tweets you like. The best part is you need not follow these comedians to read their funny tweets. Just hop over to the site anytime you feel like tickling your funny bone!

If you think there’s a twitter comedian missing from the list then you can suggest the same to @comedytweet.

Want some more funny tweets? Try some of the apps here.


  • Find the funniest twitter users and their tweets
  • Easy viewing of shared pics
  • Huge list of twitter comedians


ComedyTweet Says

It’s about damn time someone bothered to look at the funniest stuff on Twitter, and that obviously comes from the funniest commedians on Twitter! We did all the work for you, you don’t even have to follow them for comedy on Twitter! All the best stand-up comedians from Twitter are here! It’s all right here on Comedy Tweet!


  • ComedyTweet – All the Hottest Comedians on Twitter are all here on Comedy Tweet!


  • @comedytweet – Comedy Tweet :: A complete catalogue of the funniest comedy on twitter.

TwitLOL – find the funniest tweets here

TwitLOL is an application meant to have you in splits reading all the tweets displayed on the site.

Suicidal twin kills sister by mistake!

Tweets like the one above make the site a must visit if you intend to have some fun with twitter. The site displays all the funny tweets submitted by twitter users. If you have a funny tweet to share with others then don’t forget to submit it on TwitLOL.

If you like a tweet on TwitLOL then you can easily RT the tweet by clicking on it. Apart from the funny tweets, what you would love the most is the refreshingly fresh interface that the site has that makes it a treat for the eyes!


  • Read all the funny tweets
  • Submit your own funny tweets
  • Easily retweet the funny tweets you like



  • TwitLOL – Funny tweets in under 140 characters


Tweet My Gaming – real-time video game conversation feed

TweetMyGaming is for game lovers on twitter. The site aggregates all tweets related to games and displays it to you.

There are categories for various games helping you to single out your favourite games. The site displays the currently trending games. You can stay updated on the latest games as well as decide which games are being loved and which ones being hated!

If you’re a video game lover, you definitely need to check out tweetmygaming. The site however, doesn’t seem to be having any great feature in there. Can you think of something? Are there any creative ways in which these twitter game feeds can be used?


  • View tweets related to games
  • View the currently trending games
  • Real-time updates
Tweet My Gaming - real-time game conversations

Tweet My Gaming - real-time game conversations

TweetMyGaming Says

Tweet My Gaming is a real-time feed of video game conversations happening on Twitter.



  • @tweetmygaming – Find out what the most talked about Video Games are on Twitter – Powered by GamerDNA

Weird Habit – whats your weird habit?

Weird Habit displays all twitter updates from tweeps that talk about their weird habits.

If you think you have a weird habit and would like to share it then just send an @Reply to @weirdhabit and your tweets would be displayed on the site’s homepage.

Some of the other fun twitter applications that you can check out are Longest Poem In The World, Drunk Tweet that lets you tweet when you’re drunk and TwiShitter that wants you to tweet while you are on the can!


  • Tweet your weird habits
  • Send an @reply describing your weird habit
Weird Habit - What's yours?

Weird Habit - What's yours?



  • @weirdhabit – Confess all and let the world see how strange you are at WeirdHabit.com
  • @kemeny
  • @joshr – founder, geek, entrepreneur
  • @rem – Short, ginger, techie

Submitted By

  • @apnerve – A web addict, blogger, tweeter, coder, designer and developer

Twitpocalypse – the twitter Y2K, is it the end?

Twitpocalypse displays a countdown to what its author claims as the end of a few twitter apps.

Well,  not exactly the end, but if twitter application developers do not take care of this scenario in their respective twitter applications then there are chances that the applications would behave abnormally and might even crash!


  • Countdown to the Y2k of twitter
  • If twitter apps do not take this into account we may have a few abnormally behaving apps


Twitpocalypse Says

The Twitpocalypse is similar to the Y2K bug. Very soon the unique identifier associated to each tweet will exceed 2,147,483,6471

For some of your favorite third-party Twitter services not designed to handle such a case, the sequence will suddenly turn into negative numbers. At this point, they are very likely to malfunction or crash.

When will this happen? Check here often, and we will tell you how close we are to the Twitpocalypse2



  • @mdufort – President | Founder: WhereCloud Inc. Everything web and mobile location-based
  • @fbrunel – CTO, Consulting, Web and iPhone development

DrunkTwt – tweet anonymously when you are drunk

DrunkTwt is an open twitter account to which anyone can post an update!

The site has been developed for you to update when you are drunk. Nothings censored and you can tweet possibly anything you want to.

Genuine tweets would be fun but the trouble with such open sites is the amount of spammy updates that would be pushed in.


  • Tweet when you are drunk
  • Tweet anonymously and uncensored



  • DrunkTwt – Anonymous, uncensored twitter updates for everyone


  • @drunktwt – anonymous, uncensored twitter updates for everyone

TweetingTooHard – be careful while you brag on twitter!

TweetingTooHard is a fun site for checking out all the tweets from the so called twitter braggers.

If you happen to come across tweets that seem to be too good to be true or have a bragging overtone, just submit it to TweetingTooHard. Users can vote on such tweets too.

Submitting a tweet to TweetingTooHard is easy. Just click the Submit a Tweet button and you get 2 options. Either enter the username of the twitterer you think is bragging and you would be presented with the twitterer’s last 20 tweets to choose from. Alternatively, you can also copy-paste a tweets permalink.

Go have some fun reading the tweets found on TweetingTooHard and submit a few bragging tweets that you find on twittersphere as well!


  • Find tweets that are bragging by nature
  • Submit tweets that brag or show self-importance
  • Vote for the most interesting brag tweets
  • Easy to submit tweets to the site


TweetingTooHard Says

There’s always that person at a party that is trying way too hard. Well, Twitter is a party and those people are here, too. Actually, it could be you.

Tweeting Too Hard is the place to submit, vote on, and chuckle self-righteously at tweets that are just too much. Self-importance, pretense, braggadocio—it’s all here and it’s laid bare for the scoffing.

We all know someone who is due for a good-natured tweet-roast. So get to it. Click the big green submit button and make the world a better place.


  • TweetingTooHard – Where self-important tweets get the recognition they deserve.


  • @tweetingtoohard – Where self-important tweets get teh recognition they deserve.
  • @big_love – An ex-mormon ruby programmer bringing you inspired technological goodness daily.
  • @michaelcummings – something from nothing is better than nothing from something
  • @treyp – web developer, entrepreneur, recent college grad, aspiring hippie
  • @jacobmorse – Designer/Entrepreneur

Twenglish – the new twitter english

Twenglish is a fun application that replaces the first two letters of your words with “tw”.

Go ahead and see what your tweets turn into! OR, should we say :

“two twahead twand twee twat twour tweets twurn twinto! ”


  • Fun twitter application
  • Replaces the first two letters of a word with “tw”


Twenglish Says

Twitter Translator: Simply type your tweet in below and twenglish will twanslate your tweet for you.


  • Twenglish – The tool that lets you tweet like a twird


  • @twenglish – Guaranteed to make you sound either really funny or annoying to your Twitter followers.
  • @johnyeng – Asian Internet Entrepreneur, Information Marketer and Lead Generator. People Connector, Business Lover, Idea Seeker, Internet Explorer.
  • @maniac13 – IT Manager @ Amnesia Razorfish | I hope you restarted before you came to me with a problem
  • @bradyohalloran – Creative Techology Officer (Resident Geek) at Amnesia. Developer. Geek. Level 80 Shadow Priest.
  • @eunmac – Founder Amnesia | Razorfish, Sydney. Part of Microsoft.
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FlipMyTweet – your tweets upside down

FlipMyTweet flips whatever word you type into the text box. You can then update your twitter account with the new upside down text.

Some twitter apps are useful while some are creative. FlipMyTweet falls into the later category. You can give it a shot once.

You’ve been tweeting for a long time, why not Flip a Tweet?


  • Flip words upside down and tweet them
  • A fun and creative twitter app



  • FlipMyTweet – flip your tweets, have some fun coupled with a bit of creativity


  • @thejavacompany -  providing the-best-in-town Java development services