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TwBg – Create a background image with your twitter friends on it!

TwBg is a simple twitter application that creates an image out of all the twitter followers you have! You can then set this as your background image on twitter.

You can choose to have a background created of all your twitter friends or followers or mutual friends or a combination of friends and followers. The app lets you create image with size 800X800 and 1280X800 pixels.


  • Create image with your twitter friends on it
  • Choose to have friends, followers or mutual friends on the image
  • Directly set it as your twitter background

TwBg Says

put your twitter friends, followers on a background image


  • TwBg – Create a background image consisting of friends and followers


  • @vsr – Unstable Isotope of Vinay Raikar. Discoverer of #meh culpa.

WeLoveBackgrounds – free twitter backgrounds

WeLoveBackgrounds provides with you a wide range of free twitter apps.

There are a lot of categories you can choose from such as Cartoon, Pirate, Diamonds, Love, Stars etc. The site is oAuth enabled and hence you do not need to provide any password to install the free background.


  • Free twitter backgrounds
  • Backgrounds divided into a variety of categories
  • oAuth enabled site


WeLoveBackgrounds Says

The best source for twitter backgrounds. We have the largest range of free twitter backgrounds on the net.



  • @twitrlayouts – Twitter Backgrounds from the source. We also post Twitter News and funny links!

ChicBackgrounds – free twitter backgrounds for your profile

ChicBackgrounds offers free background images for your twitter profile. There are categories you can choose from such as City, Home, Food, Abstract etc.

You have two options to use these backgrounds. Either automatically by providing your username and password or manually by downloading the backgrounds and uploading them to Twitter.


  • Free backgrounds for your Twitter profile
  • Install automatically or download and upload to Twitter manually


ChicBackgrounds Says

Chic Backgrounds is your source for free, high quality Twitter backgrounds and designs.



TwitRounds – free twitter backgrounds

TwitRounds is a site offering free twitter backgrounds just like some of our previously profiled sites.

TwitRounds has sorted the twitter backgrounds into a number of categories for users to be able to find the backgrounds of their choice.

The site allows you to download the backgrounds for manual upload to twitter or you can enter your twitter credentials and have the backgrounds automatically applied to your twitter profile.


  • Free Twitter backgrounds
  • Many different categories to choose from
  • Download the twitter backgrounds or automatically apply to your profile


TwitRounds Says

twitrounds was established to help provide high quality twitter backgrounds for all you twitter lovers. We want to do the hard part and make creative, good looking backgrounds. All you have to do is find the twitter background you want. Once you find that background, simply install it and enjoy! We will continue to add backgrounds daily.



  • @twitrounds – Free Twitter Backgrounds…Thats all we do! Request backgrounds by doing @twitrounds bg info…RT us!
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