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Vodafone Update – A twitter app for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Desktop from Vodafone!

Vodafone Update let’s you update your status on many major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace etc.

You can view status updates on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Myspace. @repy to your friends updates. Search twitter tweets in real-time. Upload and share photos. Supported for Windows and Mac.

This app is available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone as well as for the Desktop (Adobe AIR based app)


  • Social network app from Vodafone
  • Available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Desktop
  • Supports Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn
  • @Reply, Search tweets and upload and share photos
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS X

Vodafone Update Says

With Vodafone Update you can access messages from your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts. All in one app.


  • Vodafone Update – What’s happening right now on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn?

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Echofon – Twitter apps for iPhone, Mac and Firefox

Echofon has twitter apps for a variety of platforms such as iPhone, Mac and Firefox. The apps now support Facebook too. An important and useful feature of all these Echofon apps is that they sync your unread tweets between the iPhone and desktop apps.

iPhone Twitter app

The iphone app (which I had covered earlier when it was named Twitterfon), has  a free as well as a paid Pro version. The app has push notifications, support for multiple twitter account and more.


Twitter app for Mac

Echofon for Mac has  a nice interface, you can drag and drop photos for posting, the app syncs with your iPhone and sends instant notifications.


Firefox Twitter extension

Keep up with Twitter while you browse the web using Firefox. TwitterFox is a Firefox extension that notifies you of your friends’ tweets on Twitter. Unread tweets can be synced with the iPhone app.



  • Twitter app for iPhone, Mac and Firefox
  • iPhone app available in free and Pro version
  • Sync unread tweets between the desktop and iPhone apps

Echofon Says

Echofon is a family of Twitter apps. Previously Echofon for iPhone was called “TwitterFon” and Echofon for Firefox was called “TwitterFox”.


  • Echofon – Twitter apps that talk to each other


  • @echofon – Twitter app for iPhone, Firefox and Mac.

HootSuite – a one stop destination for all your Twitter needs

HootSuite was previously covered on Twi5 back when it was called BrightKit. Well, times have changed, the site has been renamed and it’s better and bigger now. So I thought I would profile it all over again!

HootSuite is arguably one of the most widely used twitter web apps around. They recently launched an iPhone app about which you can read here. If you see a trending topic and fail to understand what it’s all about, HootSuite will explain it to you!

Multiple Twitter Account

HootSuite allows you to add multiple twitter accounts. You will get a tabbed view allowing you to easily switch between multiple accounts.

Support for Facebook, Pingfm and WordPress Blogs

Add your Facebook account and start posting from HootSuite. WordPress.com users (they intend to add self hosted WordPress support soon) can add their wordpress blogs and publish posts to multiple wordpress blogs from within HootSuite. Pingfm has been integrated as well.


Share links using the HootSuite shortener ow.ly and you can view stats  about these links. The stats can help you gain insight on the clicks and visitor pattern for the links that you share on Twitter.

Keyword Tracking, Search, Twitter Lists

You can have separate columns inside HootSuite for tracking keywords, twitter search results and view tweets from particular twitter lists.

Best Tweet Scheduler

There are quite a few sites that allow scheduling tweets but I like HootSuite’s tweet scheduler the most. It’s convenient and easy to use. You can always come back and edit the scheduled tweets.

HootSuite Bookmarklet (this is AWESOME)

The HootSuite bookmarklet is something that I just can’t tweet without. It has a sexy interface, loads fast and lets me share websites with my twitter friends at the click of a button. If I want some tweets to be posted at a later date, I can simply schedule the tweets right within the bookmarklet.


HootSuite has quite a few apps that compliment the web app. There’s a HootSuite desktop app for Mac and PC users. Firefox and Chrome extensions are available as well. For Greasemonkey lovers, there are a few Greasemonkey scripts available.


  • Web app for Twitter
  • Update, @reply, List support, Search, Keyword tracking
  • View shortened URL stats
  • iPhone app for Twitter
  • Multiple Twitter account support, support for Facebook, WordPress and Pingfm
  • HootSuite bookmarklet lets you share and schedule tweets
  • Excellent web interface which you are bound to fall in love with


HootSuite Says

HootSuite is The professional Twitter client! If you manage multiple Twtitter accounts or share your Twittering duties with friends or co-workers, HootSuite’s for you. If you’re interested in tracking how many people click the links you tweet out, HootSuite can help you. If you want to pre-schedule your messages or feed your blog to Twitter, we’ve got you covered.


  • HootSuite – The professional Twitter client


  • @hootsuite – The professional Twitter client. Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter profiles, schedule tweets, and measure your success. For support @hootsuite_help

Twalk.in – connect and talk with all your twitter friends

Twalk.in lets you hold private chat with your twitter friends. To start twalking all you need is a phone and a twitter account.

The site provides a free iPhone app for you to use twalkin from your iPhone. Apart from private chat, you can also hold public twalks where everyone can call in and chat. You can mute people who are a nuisance. You can even broadcast your twalks wherein only you or a select few can chat, but everyone can listen to what you’re saying.

All twalks are saved for future reference so that you can share it with those who might have missed it.


  • Have a private chat with your closest friends
  • Make a big announcement while your team or fans listen
  • Hold a conference call with a select few speakers


Twalk.in Says

Simply log into our site using your Twitter username and password and set up your twalk with a couple quick clicks. You can have 3 types of twalks:

* Private: only a select few can call in.
* Public: everyone can call in and chat. (You can still mute and boot anyone who’s a nuisance)
* Broadcast: only you or a select few can chat, but everyone can still listen in on what you’re saying.



  • @twalkin – Twitter + Talking = Twalkin.

Twizzle – a free Twitter client for iPhone

Twizzle is an iPhone Twitter client and you don’t need to pay anything to use it!

The app supports multiple twitter accounts. There’s Twitpic integration to help you upload and share photos. Reply, retweet and send direct messages to your followers. It’s a simple twitter iPhone client that you can use if you do not wish to spend money on a paid app.


  • Multiple account support
  • Landscape tweeting
  • Twitpic integration to upload pictures to Twitter on the go
  • Follow your friends, mentions, and direct messages
  • Retweet, @reply, and favorite tweets. Direct message anyone that follows you
  • View anyone’s friends/followers, bio, location, recent favorites, tweets, and mentions


Twizzle Says

The only free Twitter client for your iPhone with multiple account support, landscape tweeting, in-app web browsing, threaded conversations, and absolutely zero ads.


  • Twizzle – Free iPhone Twitter client

SimplyTweet – twitter client for iPhone, iPod Touch

SimplyTweet is a twitter application for iPhone and iPod touch. The application is available in two flavors, lite which is free and another paid version.

This iPhone twitter application basically focuses on twitter conversations. You need not navigate through a series of tweets to understand a conversation between friends. All the tweets related to a conversation would be displayed on a single screen!

You can search tweets as well as save your searches. Mark tweets as favorites, view your friends timeline and all your @Replies. Easily update your twitter status or RT a tweet. You can also reply to multiple twitterers together. A rare feature found here is the saving of tweets as drafts. You can also easily follow or unfollow twitter users.

There are a few nice third party APIs’ that have been integrated with SimplyTweet. InstaPaper, Posterous, TwitPic and YFrog are some of them.


  • Browse Conversations – display the reply chain of a message all in 1 screen
  • Perform search, Save searches, Trends support
  • View your Friends timeline and Mentions timeline and Favorites
  • Post tweets, RT,  Reply to multiple people at once
  • Direct messages, including browsing list recipients and auto completion
  • Saving of drafts
  • Follow and un-follow
  • Built-in web browser
  • Instapaper, Posterous (multiple photos), TwitPic (multiple photos), yfrog (multiple photos) support


SimplyTweet Says

Tired of navigating reply chains? Or do you ever wonder if someone has replied to a tweet? Then SimplyTweet is for you.

Tweeting is about conversations.



  • @simplytweet – I am the iPhone Twitter client SimplyTweet written by @hboon
  • @hboon – I wrote SimplyTweet

JustUpdate – update twitter from your iPhone/iPod Touch

JustUpdate as the name suggests is just for updating your twitter timeline from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The application provides a simple white screen with the character counter so that you know when you have hit the 140 character limit.

You can also get the source code to this iPhone twitter app at github.


  • Update twitter from your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Counter displaying the 140 character count


JustUpdate Says

If you’re like me you get your twitter updates on the go via SMS, but you have to pay to send SMS back to twitter. You might even be slightly bitter about this. So all you want in a web app is an update field, and perhaps a counter of remaining characters, one that if the update fails won’t lose your text.


  • JustUpdate – Just an update field, just for twitter, just for your iPhone/iPod Touch


Nambu – Mac OS X and iPhone client for twitter and other similar sites

Nambu is a client for Mac OS X which supports twitter and a host of other services too.

Nambu has all the standard features such as @Reply, Retweet, DM, Fav etc. that you would expect from a twitter client.

You can group your twitter friends thus helping you to view tweets from only a select few. This can be helpful for those who tend to follow a large number of twitter users only to find the timeline a bit overwhelming. You can now sort out the interesting ones from your twitter friend list and put them into a separate group so that you do not miss out on any of their tweets!

Nambu also has twitter search integrated. You are also provided with a conversation thread view. Multiple accounts are supported by this Mac OS X client and there is support for multiple columns as well.

Apart from twitter, Nambu also supports FriendFeed and identi.ca. tr.im is used for shortening URLs’ and pic.im is the service of choice for sharing images through Nambu.

Nambu has a free iPhone app as well.


  • Mac OS X client which supports twitter as well as other similar sites
  • Facility for @Reply, DM, Retweet and Fav
  • Group your twitter friends for easy viewing of tweets from interesting friends
  • Twitter Search
  • Filters
  • Shorten links using tr.im
  • Upload and Share images using pic.im
  • View trends
  • Thread view of conversations
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Supports multiple columns
  • iPhone app available


Nambu Says

The Nambu Network is creating the best possible social messaging experience: seemlessly integrated with a superior look and feel.



  • @gersham – Vancouver technologist lost in China. Co-conspirator of http://tr.im and http://nambu.com
  • @ejwc – Part of the Nambu Network, working on nambu.com and tr.im these days. And oh yeah, China too.


Hahlo is a wonderful mobile version of twitter and works best on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

There’s nothing to complain about Hahlo as it has almost every feature that a regular twitter user would need. This iPhone app for twitter has an extensive Settings page where you get to configure how your tweets have to be displayed.

Apart from integrating the regular search feature, Hahlo also has a location search that works based on your currently saved location!

Though it lacks auto-refresh, there’s a Refresh Now button which comes in handy.


  • Best mobile interface for use with iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Does everything a user expects from twitter


Hahlo Says

Mobile twitter the way it should be



  • @hahloThe best iPhone/touch style Twitter app.