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Tweepsect – find the Twitter stalkers

Tweepsect helps you find twitter user whom you’re following but isn’t following you back.

You can actually use this information to find interesting users. How? Well, with the general trend on Twitter being that you unfollow those who do not follow you, it’s actually worth finding users whom a lot of people follow even if they do not follow back.

The site makes use of Twitter oAuth and displays three columns – Mutual, Stalking and Stalkers.


  • Find Twitter stalkers
  • Makes use of Twitter oAuth


Tweetsect Says

Intersect a tweep’s lists of followers and following tweeps to determine who is stalking the tweep and who the tweep is stalking.



  • @shazow – stickfigure artist, js+py coder, scifi lover, sporadic blogger, aspiring world dominator

TwiPing – twitter desktop software for bulk follow/unfollow

TwiPing is a windows desktop application that helps you better manage your twitter followers.

Built on the .Net Framework, TwiPing has quite a few features when it comes to following and unfollowing the bulk of twitter users. You can put twitter users into a batch and then choose to bulk unfollow or follow them.

Select any twitter user and get a list of all the friends or followers for that user. You can also bulk follow followers or friends of any twitter user.

Find out friends who aren’t following you back and unfollow them. You also get to follow back all those who follow you but whom you do not follow back.

Make use of the powerful Filter to get only those users who are of interest to you.


  • Twitter desktop application for bulk follow and unfollow
  • Follow any twitter users friends or followers in bulk
  • Follow all those who follow you but whom you do not follow back
  • Unfollow all those twitter friends who do not follow back
  • Use Filter to find twitter users with specific interests
  • Supports multiple accounts


TwiPing Says

Find someone influential in the field you are interested in. Use TwiPing to get a list of all of their followers. Apply a filter using keywords specific to your interest. This weeds out any of their followers you are not interested in. Select this batch of users and follow all of them with one click. If your profile and message is interesting to these people, they will follow you. Rinse, lather and repeat.


  • TwiPing – twitter desktop contact management software


  • @twiping – Social software to follow and unfollow targeted batches of users easily. Advanced twitter contact management.
  • @jdmullin – Software Engineer, Advantage Database R&D Manager at Sybase


  • Windows OS
  • .NET Framework 3.5

FlashTweet – bulk follow or unfollow twitter friends

Update: FlashTweet has been rebranded as BrandChirp. Please visit that page for more info.

FlashTweet is a twitter app created on the lines of apps such as Twitter Karma and FriendOrFollow.

FlashTweet allows you to bulk follow other twitter users by specifying the username whose followers you want to follow! Now isn’t that great?

FlashTweet also gives you options to unfollow all twitter users who do not follow you as well as bulk follow users who follow you but whom you do not follow back.


  • Follow users from other twitter user accounts
  • Follow twitter users who are following you
  • Unfollow twitter users who are not following you


FlashTweet Says

FlashTweet is a tool that simplifies the process of adding and removing your twitter friends.

You can see who you are following that is following you back, follow friends from other users and even follow/unfollow multiple of friends at once.



  • @flashtweeter – FlashTweet is a tool that simplifies the process of adding and removing your twitter friends.

TwitIn – bulk follow and unfollow twitter users

TwitIn is a twitter app for following and unfollowing twitter users in bulk.

The site also displays your rating based on certain criteria. You can bulk unfollow 50 twitter users at a time and follow upto 25 at one go.

This is a nice tool to increase your twitter followers and flush out users who do not follow back!


  • Bulk follow and unfollow twitter users
  • Displays a few interesting stats about your twitter account


TwitIn Says

Experience the new Social Media Tool
Now you can follow and unfollow the mass of people in Twitter with just one click.
Just type in your Twitter Id and get on.


Twitual – view your fans, mutual friends and idols

Twitual is an app on the lines of twitter karma and FriendOrFollow.

You get to see a list of all twitter users who follow you, users whom you follow but do not follow you back, your mutual friends etc.

Just enter your twitter username (password not required) and Twitual will display a comprehensive list of your follow count.

A downside to the app is that unlike twitter karma, you cannot follow or unfollow people, you can just see the user list.


  • Comprehensive list of all your twitter followers, fans and idols
  • Only username is required. No need to enter your password


Twitual Says

So, you follow some people on Twitter. And some people follow you. But which people do you have mutual friendship with? Who doesn’t follow you back? Who follows you that you don’t follow back? Let’s find out…


  • Twitual – Find out who follows you, whom you follow, your mutual friends and more!
  • Blog


  • @twitual – You’ve got friends. And you’ve got followers. Which Twitter users are both?
  • @dougal – Web developer, PHP and Perl programmer, WordPress “Developer Emeritus”, family man, husband of @suzecampbell, and all-around hoopy frood.

FriendOrFollow – unfollow non-followers, find friends, fans and more!

FriendOrFollow will tell you the names of all those you follow but do not follow you back.

It’ll also tell you the names of all those who are following you but aren’t being followed by you.

So, FriendOrFollow will help you out in 2 ways

  • You can unfollow people who aren’t following you
  • You can start following friends whom you do not already follow

FriendOrFollow also gives you the option to sort such users by Username, Follower count or Location.


FriendOrFollow Says

Who are you following that’s not following you back? Who’s following you that you’re not following back? Find out!



  • @DustyReagan – Started Jelly in Austin. Co-Founded Conjunctured. Made FriendOrFollow.com and FeaturedUsers.com. Wrote Twitter App Development For Dummies.
  • @cesart – Designer · @Conjunctured Founder · “Entrepreneur” · Millennial · ENFP