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SocialDash- The Dashboard View Of The Social You

Are you one out of the huge list internet addicts and visiting multiple sites multiple times during a day? Well, being an internet addict myself, I know how painful the task is. And in the puzzling schedule, opening the Facebook and Twitter like sites is just beyond the imagination. So what this mean? Should we not visit Twitter or Facebook due to our busy schedule?

Come on, can you do that?? Social media has become feed of human’s soul and we can’t live without them. SocialDash is the app that’s familiar with this fact and thus offers a dashboard view of the social you. It’s an iPhone and iPad app that brings the updates from Facebook and Twitter right in your palm.

SocialDash gives the dashboard of Facebook stats like no. of comments, likes, shares and photos in which you are tagged and displays them right within the app itself.

SocialDash also gives dashboard view of Twitter stats. In fact, with some awesome Twitter features, it goes beyond the basic Twitter. You can check the Twitter stats like Followers, Following, Listed, Tweets, Klout Score, PeerIndex Score, RetweetRank etc.

This is must have app on iPad and iPhone of all social networking addicts. So what are you waiting for? Give this app, a try now.


  • Dashboard view of the social you
  • Facebook stats in dashboard view
  • Twitter stats like Followers List, Tweets, Klout Score, Peerindex Score in the dashboard view
  • Free to use

SocialDash Says

SocialDash is the app that gives you a dashboard view of the social you! It gives the dashboard view of your Facebook and Twitter stats. It goes beyond the basic Twitter and displays your current Klout, PeerIndex and Retweet Rank scores for multiple Twitter accounts.

Web Says

SocialDash– The Dashboard View Of The Social You.



Boxcar- An Inbox For All Social Networking Notifications

Boxcar is an awesome app for iPhone and iPad which works like an inbox for all social networking notifications. It provides you the best platform to monitor all of your social netwoking accounts’ updates from one place.

It has the support of Facebook integration by which you get the push notification whenever there is  a  new message or notification in your Facebook account. It also opens the Facebook immediately in your favorite FB app.

While Boxcar has support for all social networking sites, but the best features and support is for Twitter. It sends you notification whenever there is new tweet, mentions, new followers etc. The best part of this app from the Twitter point of view is that it supports almost 35 Twitter apps and opens your favorite one immediately, whenever there is a new notification.

Boxcar also provides you a unique email account to which all of your important emails get forwarded. Boxcar only stores the sender’s name and nothing else. Along with the social networking sites mentioned above, it also supports Google Plus, Google Buzz etc.

Out of all remaining services that Boxcar supports, I would like to mention RSS syndication here by which you can get push notification whenever there is something new to read on your favorite websites.

So impressed from this awesome app?  Give it a try now.


  • The simplest way to monitor your social networking updates
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Google Voice, RSS Feed etc. integration and app recommendations
  • Unique email account to forward all of your incoming emails

Boxcar Says

Add Twitter, Facebook, RSS and more. Read all those messages in one place — whether you’re on the go or at your computer.

Web Says

Boxcar– Instant notifications for Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.



Brizzly – an awesome social web interface with a lovely ‘mute’ option

Brizzly is an excellent web interface for managing and using your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The site has all the features you require to use Twitter and a bit more. You can easily share videos and photos. Tracking trends and news is easy too.

Brizzly is one of those few apps that’s loved and used by twitter employees themselves! I particularly liked the way you can reply to Direct Messages, gives you that “Chat” window feeling. If you find a twitter user tweeting excessively, but don’t want to unfollow, you can actually “mute” the user as long as you wish to. That will take care of twitter users who occasionally become active and clog your timeline.

You can view any users profile, follow or unfollow them, add them to Twitter Lists etc. Brizzly also has support for multiple Twitter accounts. Apart from this, the Facebook integration rocks too!


  • Web interface for your social sites such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Supports multiple twitter accounts
  • @Reply, Direct Messages, Retweets etc. supported
  • Supports Twitter Lists feature
  • Mute twitter users without unfollowing them


Brizzly Says

Brizzly is a reader that works with Twitter and Facebook. It simplifies your browsing and updating experience, while adding a few nifty extras. We’ll take some of the work out of keeping up to date with the people, trends and news you want to know about.


  • Brizzly – A simple way to experience the social web


  • @brizzly – Brizzly is a social reader. You put your tweets in it.

Link your Facebook Page to Twitter

Facebook Twitter app helps you do the opposite of what apps like Selective Twitter or TweetPo.st do. Your status updates, links, photos etc., shared on Facebook are tweeted to your twitter account.

There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding what exactly you want tweeted to your twitter account from your Facebook pages. You can select to have only the status updates tweeted or just links and photos or have everything updated to twitter.


  • Update Facebook updates to your twitter account
  • Select what gets updated and what doesn’t


Facebook Twitter Says

Now share anything with fans and followers, all from one place.



ping.fm only posts updates to twitter. You cannot view other tweets.

But, along with twitter, ping.fm allows you to update well over 30 such networking sites.

Ping.fm can help you save time if your aim is to update the same status to multiple sites.

  • Updates 30+ social networking sites along with twitter
  • Update using Mobile Phones, Instant Messengers like Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger, Email as well as other 3rd party apps that make use of the ping.fm API
  • Create custom triggers to update only a set of networking sites
  • Automatically shortens long URL’s present in your updates
Update 30+ social networks like twitter, facebook, tumblr, plurk

Update 30+ social networks like twitter, facebook, tumblr, plurk


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