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TweetSeek – twitter widget to grab and display tweets on your site

TweetSeek is an embeddable widget that displays tweets related to the search term you specify. You can embed the widget on your site or blog.

The widget is highly customizable and there are a lot of pre-defined themes available as well. The widget collects data from Twitter then trims after 50th item to keep it usable. Feeds automatically pause when hovering over a tweet. You can use one or multiple keywords to search Twitter. Tweets can be filtered by username.


  • Collects data from Twitter then trims after 50th item to keep widget usable
  • Automatic pausing of feed when hovering over a tweet
  • Customizable width and height of widget to fit your needs
  • One or multiple keywords on which to search Twitter
  • Filtering of tweets by your (or another’s) username

TweetSeek Says

TweetSeek is a completely free Twitter widget that grabs the latest results from Twitter based on your keywords. You can use TweetSeek on your website, blog or…whatever.