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Kabutr – twitter via email

Kabutr lets you use twitter via email. You can view your timeline and reply to tweets all from any of your favorite email client!

The app assigns you a secret email id where you email your tweets. It would have been a lot easier if they let everyone email the same id, remembering a secret email id can be such a pain in the ass.

With Kabutr, you can tweet, reply to a tweet, retweet tweets, share images with your twitter followers etc.


  • Twitter through email
  • Tweet, reply, retweet and share images
  • Tweet from any email client

Kabutr Says

You can check your twitter timeline right inside your inbox. No need to install any application. Use the email client you already use to read your emails. Use the capabilities powered by email client to tag, star, filter, remember, search, and forward tweets.


  • Kabutr – Check twitter timeline in email client


  • @kabutr – Check Twitter Timeline in email client & Tweet by sending Email from email client πŸ™‚ Its absolutely FREE!!!

TweetC – post or email tweets more than 140 characters on twitter

TweetC lets you post tweets that are more than 140 characters. There are times when you need to convey your thoughts in more than 140 characters and you don’t like the idea of breaking it up into multiple tweets. TweetC will post long tweets to your twitter stream with a link back to the entire text.

A really different and new feature of TweetC is the ability to update the long text received via email. Send an email with your long tweet to the secret email id given to you and TweetC will post it to your twitter account.


  • TweetC lets you post more than 140 characters
  • Send long tweets via email too
  • Uses Twitter oAuth

TweetC Says

Tweetc lets you create a message longer than 140 characters. It will auto post a tweet to twitter with a link back to your longer message. It’s like TwitPic for text!


  • TweetC – tweet and email tweets longer than 140 characters


  • @tweetcapp – Post more than just 140 characters to Twitter. Supports posting by email and auto embedding links and media.
  • @johnturner – John is the founder of Tweetc.com, BandPress.org and a WordPress Developer and Consultant.