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Kabutr – twitter via email

Kabutr lets you use twitter via email. You can view your timeline and reply to tweets all from any of your favorite email client!

The app assigns you a secret email id where you email your tweets. It would have been a lot easier if they let everyone email the same id, remembering a secret email id can be such a pain in the ass.

With Kabutr, you can tweet, reply to a tweet, retweet tweets, share images with your twitter followers etc.


  • Twitter through email
  • Tweet, reply, retweet and share images
  • Tweet from any email client

Kabutr Says

You can check your twitter timeline right inside your inbox. No need to install any application. Use the email client you already use to read your emails. Use the capabilities powered by email client to tag, star, filter, remember, search, and forward tweets.


  • Kabutr – Check twitter timeline in email client


  • @kabutr – Check Twitter Timeline in email client & Tweet by sending Email from email client 🙂 Its absolutely FREE!!!

TweetByMail – send tweets by email

TweetByMail is a twitter client that you can use through email.

You can send and receive Twitter updates with email. It works with any email account including mobile phones around the world.

TweetByMail lets you keep up with all your Twitter friends without leaving your inbox!
Apart from using the regular twitter features through email, you can also track tweets. You get email alerts with tweets containing your keywords.


  • Send and receive Twitter updates with email
  • Works with any email account including mobile phones around the world
  • Keep up with Twitter friends without leaving your inbox
  • Plus tweet tracking features. Get email alerts with tweets containing your keywords
  • Don’t miss your @replies or mentions


Send and receive tweets using your email (including mobile phones anywhere in the world) and never miss another @reply with keyword tracking



  • @tweetbymail – Send and receive Twitter updates to your mobile (or any) email. I respond to any @tweetbymail msgs!

FeedTwit – now forward your replies and mentions to your cell phone

FeedTwit is a free Twitter app that can forward your Twitter mentions and @ replies to your cell phone as text messages. In this same vein, FeedTwit can also notify you of @replies and mentions by email. Other people use FeedTwit to forward their favorite RSS/Atom feeds to their Twitter account as Direct Messages. Because of this, people can track twitter hash tags or trends from their phone as well.

This app is free and requires no software to download or install on your cell phone. It is perfect for people who use Twitter over SMS because it does not require a cell phone data plan to work. Simply follow @FeedTwit from your Twitter account to begin. You can see some of the many phones people use with @FeedTwit by visiting this link.

From the website marketers can also benefit from viewing the Twitter usage statistics that show the time of day and day of the week people tweet the most.


  • Receive mentions and @replies via text messages
  • Receive mentions and @replies via email
  • Tweet RSS feeds to your Twitter account as Direct Messages
  • Track Twitter hashtags and trends through text messages
  • Free to use
  • Displays twitter usage statistics


FeedTwit Says

Get your Twitter replies as text messages


  • FeedTwit – Get Twitter @replies as text messages


  • @FeedTwit – Follow me and I can send your @replies or mentions to you by SMS/text message. I also send RSS feeds to you as a direct message.

TwtMailer – twitter replies in your mailbox

TwtMailer sends all your @replies via email. The application checks your stream every 15 minutes and sends an email with the @replies that you have received.

The best thing about the emails you receive is that the @replies would be listed out for you so that you do not have to login to your twitter account to read it.

TwtMailer is a nice twitter application for those who aren’t logged in to their twitter accounts all the time but still want a way to be connected to their twitter friends and not miss any @replies.


  • Never miss an @reply on twitter
  • @Replies emailed to you every 15 minutes
  • Read your @replies in your email
TwtMailer - @Replies in your email inbox

TwtMailer - @Replies in your email inbox

TwtMailer Says

TwtMailer.Com was built because i got tired of people messaging me on twitter & me replying to them hours of even days later as i simply didn’t see their message/reply.

TwtMailer helps to avoid missing any @reply messages or direct messages & so keeps twitter conversations flowing smoothly.


  • TwtMailer – Get @Replies sent straight to your inbox


  • @twtmailer – get all your @replies straight to your inbox!
  • @daniel_white – Website and Graphic Designer, Property Sales, Enjoys General Talk, My Dogs (Lulu and Freddie), Relaxing (Don’t Get To Do This Much), Twittering and Other Stuff

TweetReplies – get notified of @replies via email

TweetReplies helps you keep track of all the @Replies you receive.

All the @Replies would be sent to the email account you specify. If you are one of those who use their email accounts more than anything else then this is the twitter app for you to stay in touch with your twitter friends who @reply. This tool can even come handy for those who work in offices where social networking sites such are twitter are blocked.

You will never be late for an @Reply again.


  • Receive @Replies by email or RSS
  • No need to give your twitter password


Official Site


  • @tweetreplies – Send your @replies to your email with http://www.tweetreplies.com