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Dwolla- No Cards, Just Cash

Dwolla is an Android app that allows users to exchange money quickly, safely and at lower cost. The users can authorize their Facebook or Twitter account to use Dwolla.

Dwolla automatically imports your friend list and you can start receiving or sending money. Dwolla helps you to make transactions and deposit money without credit card. You can also see the merchants around you, who accept Dwolla. Transaction fees is 0.25 $ per transaction.

App is free to download. You should give Dwolla, a try now.


  • See merchants around you who accept Dwolla
  • Deposit money without a credit card
  • Instantly deposit money on your phone
  • Completely free to use

Dwolla Says

Send money to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, or SMS. Transfer money from one bank account to other back account in a more secure way.

Web Says

Dwolla– No Cards, Just Cash