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Twiddict – queue up your tweets

Twiddict is a twitter app meant to help you tweet even when twitter is down.

For all you twitter addicts, when you feel the urge to tweet and our good old fella’s down, head over to Twiddict.

There’s nothing more to this app. You can use it even when twitter’s not down to tweet your updates though.


  • Tweet even when twitter is down
  • Saves your tweets and updates whenever twitter is up


Twiddict Says

We love Twitter. We hate when it’s down. If you’re addicted to Twitter as well, tweet your heart out through Twiddict and avoid life-changing withdrawal symptoms during Twitter downtime. We’ll make sure your tweets end up where they belong.



  • @twittdict – Addicted to Twitter? Survive Twitter downtime and queue new tweets until it goes back up!
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