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Conwitter – twitter client for Google Chrome

Conwitter is a twitter client built as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. If you are a Google Chrome user, you should probably give this extension a try.

Conwitter displays replies to threads inline, meaning you do not need to figure out the context in which a user tweeted the reply. This makes following conversations all the more easier. You can opt to receive real-time updates via the push notification.

Unread tweets, direct messages, replies and you own tweets are identified with different colors. You can mark tweets as “read”. You can customize the colors used in the extension. Use any background color for replies, retweets, etc. Even the dimensions of the extension are fully customizable.


  • Twitter extension for Google Chrome
  • Update, reply and view conversations in-line
  • Real-Time Updates (Push Notifications)
  • Color tagging
  • Read button
  • Highly customizable


Conwitter Says

View replies as conversations; no longer do you need to click the “in reply-to” button to find out what the tweet is about.


  • Conwitter – A twitter client with a twist