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HootSuite – a one stop destination for all your Twitter needs

HootSuite was previously covered on Twi5 back when it was called BrightKit. Well, times have changed, the site has been renamed and it’s better and bigger now. So I thought I would profile it all over again!

HootSuite is arguably one of the most widely used twitter web apps around. They recently launched an iPhone app about which you can read here. If you see a trending topic and fail to understand what it’s all about, HootSuite will explain it to you!

Multiple Twitter Account

HootSuite allows you to add multiple twitter accounts. You will get a tabbed view allowing you to easily switch between multiple accounts.

Support for Facebook, Pingfm and WordPress Blogs

Add your Facebook account and start posting from HootSuite. WordPress.com users (they intend to add self hosted WordPress support soon) can add their wordpress blogs and publish posts to multiple wordpress blogs from within HootSuite. Pingfm has been integrated as well.


Share links using the HootSuite shortener ow.ly and you can view stats  about these links. The stats can help you gain insight on the clicks and visitor pattern for the links that you share on Twitter.

Keyword Tracking, Search, Twitter Lists

You can have separate columns inside HootSuite for tracking keywords, twitter search results and view tweets from particular twitter lists.

Best Tweet Scheduler

There are quite a few sites that allow scheduling tweets but I like HootSuite’s tweet scheduler the most. It’s convenient and easy to use. You can always come back and edit the scheduled tweets.

HootSuite Bookmarklet (this is AWESOME)

The HootSuite bookmarklet is something that I just can’t tweet without. It has a sexy interface, loads fast and lets me share websites with my twitter friends at the click of a button. If I want some tweets to be posted at a later date, I can simply schedule the tweets right within the bookmarklet.


HootSuite has quite a few apps that compliment the web app. There’s a HootSuite desktop app for Mac and PC users. Firefox and Chrome extensions are available as well. For Greasemonkey lovers, there are a few Greasemonkey scripts available.


  • Web app for Twitter
  • Update, @reply, List support, Search, Keyword tracking
  • View shortened URL stats
  • iPhone app for Twitter
  • Multiple Twitter account support, support for Facebook, WordPress and Pingfm
  • HootSuite bookmarklet lets you share and schedule tweets
  • Excellent web interface which you are bound to fall in love with


HootSuite Says

HootSuite is The professional Twitter client! If you manage multiple Twtitter accounts or share your Twittering duties with friends or co-workers, HootSuite’s for you. If you’re interested in tracking how many people click the links you tweet out, HootSuite can help you. If you want to pre-schedule your messages or feed your blog to Twitter, we’ve got you covered.


  • HootSuite – The professional Twitter client


  • @hootsuite – The professional Twitter client. Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter profiles, schedule tweets, and measure your success. For support @hootsuite_help

SumtnSumtn – Boomarklet that helps you take twitter wherever you want!

SumtnSumtn is a browser bookmarklet that allows you to update twitter as well as read tweets on any site.

You just need to drag the bookmarklet to the browser and click it when you get the twitter itch. The application uses twitter oAuth so there’s no worry about disclosing your password.


  • Tweet and read updates while on any web page
  • Browser bookmarklet, just drag and drop
  • Supports twitter oAuth


SumtnSumtn Says

SumtnSumtn brings Twitter-conversation directly onto websites – for everyone – on every page!

Just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks and off you go.



  • @sumtn – THE tool for onsite tweeting 🙂

SquawkThis – Tweet any web page

SquawkThis is a browser bookmarklet that allows you to tweet the pages you are currently browsing to your twitter followers.

You do not need to give away your password as SquawkThis makes use of Twitter oAuth.

There are a lot of options such as Reading, Looking at, Responding To etc. that you can use while sharing content on twitter using this bookmarklet.

For WordPress users, there’s a browser plugin available as well!


  • Easily share content on twitter with browser bookmarklet
  • Makes use of Twitter oAuth so you need not disclose your password
  • WordPress plugin available



TBUZZ – twitter bookmarklet to share web pages easily

TBUZZ is a twitter bookmarklet that helps you easily share any web page on twitter.

Just drag the TBUZZ bookmarklet and you are good to go. Once you are on a web page you wish to share with your twitter friends, click on the TBUZZ bookmarklet and a small window would open. First time users would need to authorize TBUZZ using oAuth.

Once you are signed in you can start sharing web pages with your twitter friends. When you hit the bookmarklet, you not only get to share the page but the URL is shortened automatically and you can view all the tweets that refer to the page you are about to share!


  • Browser bookmarklet to share web pages on twitter
  • View twitter conversations about the web page you visit
  • Automatically shortens links
  • oAuth enabled



TBUZZ is the easiest way to talk about the Web pages you visit on twitter.

TBUZZ makes it easy to tweet the page you’re visiting or keep track of the buzz around it.


  • TBUZZ – Twitter bookmarklet to easily share web pages and see any twitter updates about the page.


  • @arc90 – Based in New York City, Arc90 builds compelling Web applications.

TwitThat – browser bookmarklet to share what you surf

TwitThat is a FireFox bookmarklet that helps you share pages that you are currently browsing.

Whenever you come across a site that’s worth telling your twitter friends about, just hit the twitthat bookmarklet. You would be taken to the twitthat site with a link to the page you want to share. You can then select the actions such as “Reading”, “Looking At” etc. that you want to append. Up To 10 custom actions can be created.

The site also has a “Most Read” section that displays popular links shared via twitthat.


  • Easily share your favourite pages
  • FireFox bookmarklet for twitter
  • View the “Most Read” twitthat shared sites
  • You need to login with your twitter credentials



  • TwitThat – Browser bookmarklet for sharing interesting sites on twitter


  • @tzangms – Founder of twitthat.com and stickeraction.com
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TweetThisText – share quotes on twitter

TweetThisText is a browser bookmarklet that lets you share quotes with your twitter friends.

Drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and you are good to go. When you come across any quote on the web that you think is worth sharing with your twitter friends, just highlight the text and click the bookmarklet. A page with the quote would be created and you would be taken to your twitter page with the update ready to be tweeted.


  • Share quotes on twitter
  • Browser Bookmarklet
  • Creates a new page consisting of the quote you wish to share and tweets the link


TweetThisText Says

I wish I could highlight some text on a page, click a button, and tweet that text as a quote…

This started as a wish. It exists to make it super easy to tweet text found on webpages as quotes. It does so through a little magic behind a snazzy bookmark.



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ConvoTrack – view comments about articles posted on twitter and other sites

ConvoTrack is an app built on top of BackType which also has BackTweets, a twitter app to find all links of your blog or site on twitter.

ConvoTrack offers a bookmarklet that opens up all the links related to your blog or site in a sidebar on the page that you are currently browsing.

Apart from the bookmarklet, you can also send links of sites to your friends with ConvoTrack preloaded in it by appending the URL of the site to http://convotrack.com/

Example: http://convotrack.com/http://twi5.com would preload the convotrack sidebar with tweets that discuss twi5.com!

ConvoTrack also offers a button that you can place on your blog or site and have your readers easily view all the discussions about your site.

The site plans to come out with an extension for FireFox soon.


  • View comments and discussions about sites on twitter, FriendFeed etc in the sidebar
  • Bookmarklet available for easy access to comments
  • Easily share links with the sidebar preloaded by appending your site URL to http://convotrack.com/
  • Display the ConvoTrack button on your site so that your site visitors can view discussions about your articles


ConvoTrack Says

Ever wanted to see the entire conversation surrounding a post? Now you can! This simple bookmarklet will load comments from Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, Reddit, HackerNews and any blog mentioning the article and will load it in a handy sidebar.


  • ConvoTrack – view conversations about articles on Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, Reddit and HackerNews


  • @convotrack – A conversation Tracker Built on BackType

Peekr – view twitter backgrounds without the tweets!

Peekr is a cool twitter bookmarklet that lets you view any twitter users background image without any tweets obstructing your view!

Just drag the Peekr bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and try Peekr by clicking the bookmarklet while you are on a twitter profile. The way all the tweets and other profile information slide away makes Peekr a cool twitter bookmarklet.


  • Twitter bookmarklet to help you view any twitter users background image without any obstacles
  • Tweets and other profile information slide away on click of the bookmarklet


Peekr Says

Are you hip to twitter? Well, peekr is kinda like a Twitter Widget (a “twidget”) because it’s a tiny little Twitter helper. Some tweeple might call it a bookmarklet, but we know it’s so much more!


  • Peekr – One click to view twitter backgrounds


  • @peekr – View full twitter backgrounds with a click!
  • @unscriptable – Master Javascript/CSS coder and Front-end Engineer, dojo expert (I’m available for projects and/or training)
  • @ptamaro – I am afflicted with ‘Addictium Twiticus’


TweetPkr – take a peek at your friends updates from anywhere

TweetPkr is a bookmarklet for quickly viewing your twitter updates. Just enter your twitter username and password and a bookmarklet would be made available to you. Drag the bookmarklet to your browser toolbar and you are ready to glance at your twitter timeline right from your browser.

The bookmarklet is currently supported by firefox, safari, opera, chrome and IE7 browser.

There isn’t much you can do with this bookmarklet other than being able to quickly glance at your timeline. But the author intends to soon come out with some cool features.


  • Lightweight, no software download required
  • Support for multiple twitter accounts
  • Easy to install, just drag to your bookmarks bar
  • Supports all major browsers
  • View your timeline quickly and easily


TwetPkr Says

Take a peek at your friends twitter updates from anywhere



BigTweet – twitter browser bookmarklet

BigTweet is a bookmarklet that lets you tweet what you are currently surfing without having to leave the current page. All you need to do is press the BigTweet button and a pop up appears, which already includes information such as the page link, title and any text that you have highlighted.

  • Post to twitter from any web page
  • Choose 140 or 240 character limit
  • Include special unicode characters
  • Shorten URLs
  • Highlighted text, title and link are automatically captured