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TweetSeek – twitter widget to grab and display tweets on your site

TweetSeek is an embeddable widget that displays tweets related to the search term you specify. You can embed the widget on your site or blog.

The widget is highly customizable and there are a lot of pre-defined themes available as well. The widget collects data from Twitter then trims after 50th item to keep it usable. Feeds automatically pause when hovering over a tweet. You can use one or multiple keywords to search Twitter. Tweets can be filtered by username.


  • Collects data from Twitter then trims after 50th item to keep widget usable
  • Automatic pausing of feed when hovering over a tweet
  • Customizable width and height of widget to fit your needs
  • One or multiple keywords on which to search Twitter
  • Filtering of tweets by your (or another’s) username

TweetSeek Says

TweetSeek is a completely free Twitter widget that grabs the latest results from Twitter based on your keywords. You can use TweetSeek on your website, blog or…whatever.


TwitStat.us – embed twitter search results on your blog or site

TwitStat.us provides you with embeddable twitter badges for twitter search results. Embed the badge on your blog or site for your visitors to view the search results.

The widget is completely customizable allowing you to specify the width, number of results to display, the design colors etc. Once you have entered the desired keyword, you can get the code that needs to be simply pasted on your blog.


  • Generate twitter search result widget for your blog or site
  • Widget completely customizable
  • Just copy paste the code


TwitStat.us Says

This site generates a simple bit of HTML code that you can insert on your website, company site, or social network profile to instantly display Twitter Search results for the specified keywords. It’s highly customizable and should be able to fit right in on any page.



  • @twitstatushq – Easy Twitter Search Badges. Fully customizable.
  • @shiftb – something clever goes here – Web Developer, Master of Awesome, Ruby, Java
  • @ryanmcgrath – Web developer in the DC/Metro Area. Employed by Webs.com; hacker on various other projects. Views expressed here are strictly my own, not those of my employers.
  • @justinnurse – I design. You’re welcome

WishAFriend – custom twitter backgrounds

WishAFriend is not an exclusive twitter site but it has what many twitter users would like – Background images to suit your twitter profile.

What catches the eye is the free personalized background generator which helps you put up your photo on an iPhone, a postage stamp, dollar note and so on. You need to select the image you want as your background and then upload your photo so that a new custom background image with your pic in it is generated for you.

The site also has a good number of regular backgrounds that can be uploaded to your twitter profile. A flash widget is available which helps you display your last tweet on your blog.


  • Generate custom twitter backgrounds for free
  • Twitter background images for your twitter profile
  • Twitter flash widget to embed your latest tweets on your blog




  • @wishafriendcom – Wishafriend.com has cool stuff for blogs & sites like Twitter, Blogger, Myspace, Orkut, Hi5, Friendster, Facebook, Bebo, Tagged and more.

Tinker – discover what people are chatting about

Tinker helps you follow tweets and other social media mentions about topics and events that interest you.

You can follow event streams or create one of your own to get all the updates on that stream.

Tinker even has a clean and sleek widget for you to embed on your blogs or site. Your readers can then log in with their twitter account and post updates directly from the widget!

Tinker also has an API for application developers.

You need to register at Tinker and provide your twitter information to start using the service.


  • Create and follow streams containing tweets of interest
  • Blog widget to embed events in your blog or site
  • Tinker API for application developers


Tinker Says

Tinker is a new service that helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter. Simply choose a keyword, and create an Event Stream. An event could be a movie premiere, a book launch, a Superbowl party, or an episode of Lost. It’s up to you.



  • @OnTinker – The official Twitter account of Tinker.com: enables users to find, follow, and participate in conversations around events and news
  • @samirarora – Game Changer, Founder & CEO Glam.com, Brash, NetObjects. Glam Media: Top 10 in US Media, #1 for Women, #1 Men Lifestyle, GlamTV Top 25 in Video. 100M Reach

Twoxit – embed twitter update widget on your site

Twoxit is a twitter widget that you can add to your blog or site and have your visitors update their twitter status right from your site!

So basically this widget is a twitter update box where visitors can update their twitter account directly from your site.


  • Update twitter from your blog or site
  • Blog widget, just copy paste the code

Twoxit Says

The Twoxit Twitter Widget / Twitter Tool allows anyone to place a twitter update box on their website for their visitors to update twitter from.

This could be a great benefit to you as you will be encouraging visitors to your website to update their twitter profile, possibly about your website!
* Simply copy the code for a form below and paste into your website source code – Done!


  • Twoxit -update twitter : embed on your website


  • @twoxit – Embed A Simple Twitter Form On Your Website For Your Visitors To Use!
  • @daniel_white – Website Designer, Graphic Designer, Camposol, Mazarron, Spain

Monitter – twitter keyword monitor

Monitter is a twitter app that lets you monitor keywords being mentioned on twitter.

Just provide it with the keywords you wish to track and you will see the tweets as and when they are tweeted.

You can also subscribe to the feed of the keywords that you want to monitor and there’s a widget available for blogs or websites.


  • Monitor keywords on twitter
  • Real time monitoring of keywords
  • Monitor multiple keywords simultaneously
  • Monitor keywords based on location proximity
  • Subscribe to feed of the keyword you monitor
  • Widget available


Monitter Says

Simple. It’s a twitter monitor, it lets you “monitter” the twitter world for a set of keywords and watch what people are saying. Cool huh?


  • Monitter – real time, live twitter monitor


  • @monitter – Monitter: Monitor, track and search twitter tweets in real-time.

TwtTrip – plan your trip on twitter


TwtTrip lets you share your travel plans with your twitter friends.

You can easily fill out the details about your trip and TwtTrip creates a link which you can then share with your twitter friends.

Please note that when you create a TwtTrip for the first time, you also get an admin URL which you need to bookmark or save somewhere since you would need this to approve any more trips you plan in the future.

Apart from creating a trip and sharing it with friends, TwtTrip lets your friends comment on the page as well as displays all your tweets while you are travelling!

You also get to see fellow tweeps who have planned their trip to the same destination as you in the same time period.

TwtTrip gives you a script which you can embed in your blog or website to help your readers know where you plan to go too!


  • Plan a trip and share it with your twitter friends
  • Displays all your tweets during the trip
  • Lets your friends comment on the trip page
  • Displays all other twitter users who plan to travel to the same location during the time of your trip
  • Widget to display on your blog or site


TwtTrip Says

Meet other tweeple traveling to the same place at the same time.

We display your tweets during your trip



TweetRoll – blog widget to display friends and followers

TweetRoll is a widget for your blog that you can use to display the number of followers you have and the number of people you follow.

It’s a nice and smart way to advertise your twitter account on your blog and subsequently gain more followers!


  • Blog widget to display followers and friends on twitter
  • Easy to include, just copy paste the code

TweetRoll Says

With the TweetRoll widget you can show the number of your followers you have and who you are following. Follow the instructions below to generate your own TweetRoll Badge.



  • @OwenC – Your friendly neighborhood geek