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TwitterWind – display twitter timelines on your blog or website

TwitterWind lets you display tweets from your twitter timeline on your blog. What that means is your blog readers would see the same tweets that you get to see in your twitter timeline.

TwitterWind uses twitter oAuth for authentication. You can select what content you want displayed on the widget. To display the widget on your blog you just need to copy paste a small snippet of the code.


  • Display your twitter timeline on your blog or website
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Choose what content to display

TwitterWind Says

TwitterWind: a widget that lets you display Twitter timelines on your blog or website.


  • TwitterWind – Display twitter timelines on your blog or website


  • @jksy – プログラマ twitterwind中の人
  • @ikasuzee – こんにちは、リツと言います。SNSの運営・ポータルサイトのサービス企画などいろんな仕事をしてきました。インターネットに助けられっぱなしなので自分も何か恩返しができればと思ってます☆→恩返し第一弾、TL・フォロワーを表示できるTwitterブログパーツhttp://www.twitter-wind.com/

TwitStat.us – embed twitter search results on your blog or site

TwitStat.us provides you with embeddable twitter badges for twitter search results. Embed the badge on your blog or site for your visitors to view the search results.

The widget is completely customizable allowing you to specify the width, number of results to display, the design colors etc. Once you have entered the desired keyword, you can get the code that needs to be simply pasted on your blog.


  • Generate twitter search result widget for your blog or site
  • Widget completely customizable
  • Just copy paste the code


TwitStat.us Says

This site generates a simple bit of HTML code that you can insert on your website, company site, or social network profile to instantly display Twitter Search results for the specified keywords. It’s highly customizable and should be able to fit right in on any page.



  • @twitstatushq – Easy Twitter Search Badges. Fully customizable.
  • @shiftb – something clever goes here – Web Developer, Master of Awesome, Ruby, Java
  • @ryanmcgrath – Web developer in the DC/Metro Area. Employed by Webs.com; hacker on various other projects. Views expressed here are strictly my own, not those of my employers.
  • @justinnurse – I design. You’re welcome

RSS2Twitter – publish content from RSS to twitter

RSS2Twitter seems like a good competitor to TwitterFeed. Apps like these are for twitter users who wish to have new content on their sites sent down to the twitter stream automatically.

You can add multiple twitter accounts and have the same RSS feed content tweeted on all of them. You have the option to select different update frequencies which would help you manage when you want the content to be posted to your twitter account.

If you have an updated content in one of your RSS feeds and want it to be tweeted immediately, then there’s an Update Now button to do that. You can customize what you want to be tweeted with respect to the feed content such as only the feed title, description etc.

The app even offers filters allowing you to choose what content from the feed you want in your twitter timeline. Analytics are provided to help you track clicks.


  • Automatically post RSS feed to twitter
  • Add multiple twitter accounts
  • Choose different frequencies for your feeds
  • Immediately update new feeds at the click of a button
  • Choose to include RSS feed title only, title and description or description only
  • Filter updates with “include only with” and “exclude with”
  • Analytics: track your update clicks


RSS2Twitter Says

We offer a simple way to publish your content to twitter directly from your RSS feeds.


  • RSS2Twitter – The easiest way to publish your content to twitter, directly from your RSS feeds


TwiSig – Twitter updates as image signature

TwiSig displays your latest twitter update as an image signature. You just need to enter your twitter username and the site would give you three banner images to choose from.

Since it’s an image, you can use it on networking sites, emails, forums and your blogs. Having an image that displays your last tweet helps you gain followers if you tweet interesting stuff!


  • Twitter image signature
  • Displays your latest tweet
  • Embed the image in your blog, sites, forums etc.


TwiSig Says

Twisig converts you tweets into an image that can be used in forum signatures, emails and on your websites. It auto updates and is especially useful in places that do not allow html code.


  • TwiSig – Twitter Image Signatures

Tweeterized – twitter signature images

Tweeterized provides users with images that can be used as email signatures. You can post these images on websites and forums as well.

The images change dynamically displaying your latest twitter update. Almost all the websites that allow you to update data allow images. So you can easily have tweeterized images on such sites.

Getting your own tweeterized signature is easy. Just enter your twitter username and select the image size and background image. An html code as well as a code for using on forums would be generated.


  • Twitter signature that you can embed on all pages that allow html
  • The image displays your latest tweet
  • Choose from different backgrounds
  • Embed the image in blog, websites and forums

Tweeterized Says

We provide dynamic Twitter signature images that you can use on forums, websites, myspace profiles and more. The dynamic images display your profile image, last update as well as how long ago you did the update. We also have various backgrounds to choose from.


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Tinker – discover what people are chatting about

Tinker helps you follow tweets and other social media mentions about topics and events that interest you.

You can follow event streams or create one of your own to get all the updates on that stream.

Tinker even has a clean and sleek widget for you to embed on your blogs or site. Your readers can then log in with their twitter account and post updates directly from the widget!

Tinker also has an API for application developers.

You need to register at Tinker and provide your twitter information to start using the service.


  • Create and follow streams containing tweets of interest
  • Blog widget to embed events in your blog or site
  • Tinker API for application developers


Tinker Says

Tinker is a new service that helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter. Simply choose a keyword, and create an Event Stream. An event could be a movie premiere, a book launch, a Superbowl party, or an episode of Lost. It’s up to you.



  • @OnTinker – The official Twitter account of Tinker.com: enables users to find, follow, and participate in conversations around events and news
  • @samirarora – Game Changer, Founder & CEO Glam.com, Brash, NetObjects. Glam Media: Top 10 in US Media, #1 for Women, #1 Men Lifestyle, GlamTV Top 25 in Video. 100M Reach

TwitrGrid – mosaic grid for your blog

TwitrGrid is a twitter app that lets you create a mosaic out of your twitter friends and followers.

The mosaic created by TwitrGrid is vertical as opposed to the more horizontal mosaics we have seen before from twitter mosaic.


  • Create mosaic of your twitter friends or followers
  • Embed the mosaic in your blog or profile


TwitrGrid Says

Turn your twitter tweeps into a cool mosaic grid for your blog or profile


  • TwitrGrid – mosaic of your twitter friends and followers


  • @twitrgrid – Making cool Twitter grids of your tweeps since, well, yesterday.
  • @centdev – Co-Founder/CTO. Son, Brother, Traveler, Husband, Father,  Fan, Entreprenuer and part-time Geek. Just a digital guy living in an insanely digital world.
  • @centcreative – Co-Founder/Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Filmmaker. Wandering Life Booster.
  • @ashdigg

QuoteURL – share your twitter conversations

QuoteURL aims to help you point your blog readers to a consolidated conversation view. It’s similar to twickie which helps you archive your twitter response.

There are times when you need to point your readers to a few tweets. You could link all the tweets individually or you could be smart and use QuoteURL!

The best thing is that you can easily embed the conversation like the one below –

  1. Nischal Shetty
    NischalShetty RT @twi5: Have you checked out the awesome ‘MORE’ feature of twitter!! lovin it – http://bit.ly/xPeqi
  2. Twit Master
  3. lynngeyer
    lynngeyer @mindset4wealth You’re not following me so can’t DM. Try <http://twi5.com> 4 easier appl. to remove people not following you. ><>


  • Combine and share tweets from any user
  • Helpful in pointing your blog readers to a conversation on twitter
  • Copy paste generated code to display the twitter conversations directly on your blog or site

QuoteURL Says

QuoteURL helps you group different Twitter updates from different people into a single page that has a permanent URL. So you can put it on your blog or send interesting conversations to friends.



DuckDuckGo – twitter widgets

DuckDuckGo brings you two twitter widgets that would help you in spreading the word about your various social network profiles to your blog readers.

One named Karma Widget allows you to create a widget that contains stats about your social network. The other widget called as Profiles Widget allows you to easily display links to your various social profiles!

There is absolutely no coding knowlegde required. Just enter your username and the appropriate widget code would be generated automatically.


  • Widget to display your twitter as well as other network karma
  • Widget to display a link to all your social networks