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TweetHopper – control multiple twitter accounts from a single spot

TweetHopper lets you control multiple twitter accounts from a single interface.

You can easily post to multiple twitter accounts. Auto follow your followers. You can set RSS feeds to be tweeted to your accounts.

TweetHopper has a free starter account as well as paid accounts for advanced users.


  • Control multiple twitter accounts
  • Easily post to multiple twitter accounts
  • Auto follow your followers
  • RSS feed tweeted from your accounts


TweetHopper Says

Easily control multiple twitter accounts from a single spot. Tweet hopper allows you to simply extend your twitter experience.


  • TweetHopper – Twitter jobs that let you DM-Tweet, Auto-Follow and Feed-Tweet


  • @tweethopper – Tweet hopper let’s you control Twitter accounts using jobs like: dm-tweet, feed-tweet, auto-follow and more…

RSStoTwitter – automatically tweets RSS to your twitter account

RSStoTwitter lets you configure any RSS Feed to be tweeted to a twitter account.

If you have a blog, you should probably create a twitter account and link it up with RSStoTwitter so that new blog posts are automatically tweeted.

You need to enter your twitter credentials and specify the feed URL for RSStoTwitter to start tweeting new blog posts from your RSS feed.

Having a separate twitter account dedicated to posting new blog posts from your blog is a good idea since it would help your readers keep track of all the new posts via twitter.


  • Automatically tweets RSS feed to twitter
  • Supports multiple RSS feeds


RSStoTwitter Says

RSS to Twitter is a tool to enable you the ability to send RSS Feeds to your Twitter Account. For instance you might want the RSS feed from CNN to your Twitter.



  • @rsstohere – RSS to Twitter is a tool to post your favourite RSS feeds to Twitter

RSS2Twitter – publish content from RSS to twitter

RSS2Twitter seems like a good competitor to TwitterFeed. Apps like these are for twitter users who wish to have new content on their sites sent down to the twitter stream automatically.

You can add multiple twitter accounts and have the same RSS feed content tweeted on all of them. You have the option to select different update frequencies which would help you manage when you want the content to be posted to your twitter account.

If you have an updated content in one of your RSS feeds and want it to be tweeted immediately, then there’s an Update Now button to do that. You can customize what you want to be tweeted with respect to the feed content such as only the feed title, description etc.

The app even offers filters allowing you to choose what content from the feed you want in your twitter timeline. Analytics are provided to help you track clicks.


  • Automatically post RSS feed to twitter
  • Add multiple twitter accounts
  • Choose different frequencies for your feeds
  • Immediately update new feeds at the click of a button
  • Choose to include RSS feed title only, title and description or description only
  • Filter updates with “include only with” and “exclude with”
  • Analytics: track your update clicks


RSS2Twitter Says

We offer a simple way to publish your content to twitter directly from your RSS feeds.


  • RSS2Twitter – The easiest way to publish your content to twitter, directly from your RSS feeds


FeedMyTwitter – automatically feed your twitter timeline!

FeedMyTwitter is a twitter auto posting application that helps you predefine what twitter updates you want to be fed into your timeline.

You can send automatic tweets based on categories such as movie quotes, funny messages etc. You can also specify RSS feeds the way you do with twitterfeed for updating your blog RSS feed on twitter.

If you happen to make a story or some other smart marketing for your product on twitter you can have custom messages updated randomly to your twitter timeline.

Once you login to the site, you can start or stop the service anytime. You get to specify the time interval after which random tweets need to be posted.


  • Automate your twitter account
  • Specify a list of tweets which would then be posted randomly
  • Choose from categories such as Business, Movies etc. to tweet automatically
  • Specify your blog RSS feed which would be fed to your twitter account
  • Start or Stop the service as and when you like


FeedMyTwitter Says

Send Auto Tweets according to Category of your interest. Select category like “Business and Money” or “Movie Quotes” or “Funny Messages”…

Add RSS Feeds to your account and we will feed your messages to twitter. This feature allows you to update twitter according to your blog or any other websites.

Are you trying to publish some Story or marketing any Product with twitter? This is the right option for you. Add your custom tweet messages to feedmytwitter, we do the posting randomly



  • @feedmy – Online marketing make easy with feed my twitter

TwitterFeed – post RSS to twitter automatically

TwitterFeed will automatically tweet your blog post links to twitter as and when they are posted.

You need to provide your blogs RSS feed link and specify the frequency of updates.

TwitterFeed can come in handy for bloggers and save them the time spent in manually posting links to new blog posts.

Bloggers can register a twitter account in their blogs name and link TwitterFeed to this account.


  • Post Blog RSS feed automatically to twitter
  • Set the frequency of the automated RSS tweet postings

Automatic posting of new blog posts to twitter

Automatic posting of new blog posts to twitter

TwitterFeed Says

feed your blog to twitter, identi.ca, HelloTxt or Ping.fm


  • TwitterFeed – Automatically post your Blog RSS to twitter


  • @mario – Swiss-British SW London dweller, twitterfeed creator, second life meddler and online market research techie