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AutoTweeter – Desktop twitter application for automatic tweets

AutoTweeter is a java based twitter application developed to help you schedule your tweets.

Jot down the tweets that you want to be tweeted into a text file and schedule the time interval after which the tweets should go out. AutoTweeter tweets each line in the specified text file at intervals as set by you.

Being a java application, AutoTweeter should run on any platform. It needs JRE 1.6 (don’t worry, it would most probably be already installed in your pc). There’s no installation for AutoTweeter. You can start using it right after you download it to your PC.

You can start and stop the auto tweets through the context menu. The application is smart enough not to tweet an already tweeted line in a given file.

There are some nice ways in which you can put this application to use. Write different types of “Good Morning” messages for your twitter friends and schedule it to be tweeted everyday in the morning. You can even search for some inspirational quotes and schedule them!

Update: AutoTweeter has been completely revamped, especially the user interface. Users have more options now. The application now has a free as well as paid version.

Managing multiple twitter files has become dead simple with the new user interface. URL shortening has been introduced as well.


  • Set tweets to be tweeted at regular time intervals
  • Java based desktop application supports all types of OS
  • Needs JRE 1.6
  • Start and Stop auto tweets anytime you wish


AutoTweeter Says

Autotweeter is a freeware twitter client !! AutoTweeter has a foolproof configuration window,easy learning curve.And above all , platform independent.

  • AutoTweeter – Desktop application to schedule twitter tweets


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