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SocialMention – real-time social media search and analysis

SocialMention let’s you track your brand or any keyword you wish to across all platforms such as blogs, sites as well as social media networks like Twitter.

Just like Google Alerts, you can set email alerts on SocialMention. For those who are curious to know what is being spoken about their brands over the Internet, these alerts can come in handy.

The search results page is comprehensive and has a lot of details such as the Top keywords , Sentiment, ability to export data in CSV format, the top users etc. You can sort the results by date and time.

SocialMention also provides an API for app developers. You can view Trends as well.


  • Track keywords and their mentions all over the Internet and social media sites
  • Create daily email alerts for your keywords
  • Comprehensive information on the keyword of interest
  • API available for developers

SocialMention Says

Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.



  • @socialmention – Developed by @jonnyjon – Social Mention is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content.

Ow.ly – shorten URL, share images and videos

Ow.ly is a URL shortener for twitter that doubles up as an image and video sharing site. Ow.ly is brought to you by HootSuite, one of the best twitter web apps out there.

Ow.ly uses twitter oAuth for authentication. There’s a developer API available so that twitter app developers can integrate it in their apps.


  • Shorten URL to share on Twitter
  • Share images, videos(coming soon) and files
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication



  • Ow.ly – Shorten urls, share files and track visits


  • @hootsuite – Monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & WordPress profiles, schedule messages, and measure your success. For support @HootSuite_Help

Suggested By

  • @atomicpoet – Pope of the Catholic Orthodox Church of Twitteronia. Social strategist for @invoke, the company behind @hootsuite.

Twalk.in – connect and talk with all your twitter friends

Twalk.in lets you hold private chat with your twitter friends. To start twalking all you need is a phone and a twitter account.

The site provides a free iPhone app for you to use twalkin from your iPhone. Apart from private chat, you can also hold public twalks where everyone can call in and chat. You can mute people who are a nuisance. You can even broadcast your twalks wherein only you or a select few can chat, but everyone can listen to what you’re saying.

All twalks are saved for future reference so that you can share it with those who might have missed it.


  • Have a private chat with your closest friends
  • Make a big announcement while your team or fans listen
  • Hold a conference call with a select few speakers


Twalk.in Says

Simply log into our site using your Twitter username and password and set up your twalk with a couple quick clicks. You can have 3 types of twalks:

* Private: only a select few can call in.
* Public: everyone can call in and chat. (You can still mute and boot anyone who’s a nuisance)
* Broadcast: only you or a select few can chat, but everyone can still listen in on what you’re saying.



  • @twalkin – Twitter + Talking = Twalkin.

TweetBlocker – block twitter spam

All you twitter spammers BEWARE. TweetBlocker is here!

Aimed at being a spam fighting twitter application, TweetBlocker helps you weed out the spammy twitter accounts. On the homepage, you can check for any twitter users spam grade. Grades are from A to F with Grade A giving you a clean chit while Grade F indicating you might be a spammer.

You can login to the site and get a personal spam report which displays a detailed ranking of all the people you follow on twitter. You can easily block twitter users you think are spammers. Since TweetBlocker uses twitter oAuth, you should have no problem giving the site a try. Besides, its for a good cause.

The site provides an API for application developers to retrieve a twitter users grade as well as report a user as spammer.

There’s a bookmarklet which makes reporting spammers a breeze.


  • Check any twitter users spam grade
  • Get your own personal spam report
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Bookmarklet for easy spam reporting
  • API available for twitter application developers


TweetBlocker Says

Tweetblocker is a free resource for Twitter users and application developers. Using highly advanced filtering, we catalog and rank the top spammers on Twitter, allowing users to quickly and easily find spammers.



  • @jonathannelson – Product Director and Innovator for Hashrocket Labs
  • @cgrusden – Developer. Ruby, Rails, PHP, C#, and the list goes on… and on…
  • @andrewmaier – Interaction/Visual Designer, UX Enthusiast, Speaker, Author, part-time model

Img.ly – share photos on twitter

Img.ly is yet another one of those photo sharing sites built for twitter. So many apps doing the same thing makes me realize how lucky twitter users are with so many options! You do not like one service, try a similar one developed by someone else!

A simple photo sharing service with twitter oAuth, Img.ly is a good alternative to the existing image sharing sites built for twitter. The site provides with different options to viewing images.

The site lets you embed any of the images on your blog or site. You can subscribe to any users photo stream as well. Stats are displayed to help you know how popular a shared image has been with the community.

Have you used the tagging feature of FaceBook where you can tag your friends in a pic? Well, img.ly does something similar too. You can tag any twitter user and they would be notified of the same by  @imglyNotifier. Like twitter search, img.ly even displays trending tags for images.


  • Image sharing site for twitter
  • Tag twitter friends and they would be notified
  • Uses twitter oAuth for login
  • Displays trending tags
  • Embed any image in your blog or site
  • Subscribe to any users photo stream
  • View stats
  • API available for developers


Img.ly Says

Since it’s beginning in 2006 Twitter has evolved to a powerful social media platform and community. It will change the way we publish and share visual information.
While there already are popular photo services (such as twitpic.com), none of them really evolved. None of them leveraged the dynamics and information flow of Twitter.

With img.ly we want to change that. Given our knowledge with photo platforms, we want to offer you a more sophisticated approach to publish photos and images and constantly enhance the service to the needs of the community.


  • Img.ly – Photo sharing service for twitter


  • @imgly – supersecretweapon

TwitChuck – The Good, The Bad and The Spammy

TwitChuck has been developed to help keep twitter spammers at bay. It’s a nice initiative and definitely needs a mention here on twi5.

Before you plan to follow any twitter user, we recommend you check them at TwitChuck. The site uses a set of check points to determine whether to follow a twitter user or not. The higher the points (out of 100) the better.

If you find a twitter user to be worth following then you can easily follow the user from the site, and since the application uses twitter oAuth, you do not need to disclose your password to do so.

If you know of a twitter account that spams the twitter timeline, then you can report the account to TwitChuck so that other users are warned about such spammy twitter accounts.

You can proudly display your TwitChuck score by adding your twitter handle at the end of TwitChuck.com like this – http://www.twitchuck.com/twi5

Update1: TwitChuck has introduced FriendChuck which helps you automatically unfollow all the spam twitter accounts and an API that allows you to pull TwitChuck scores for any twitter account.

Update2: A Greasemonkey script is now available which allows you to report twitter spammers right from the twitter and twitter search web interface! (more info)


  • Weed out the spammy twitter accounts
  • Decide whether a twitter user is worth following
  • Show off your TwitChuck score
  • Easily follow a twitter user right from the site
  • FriendChuck allows you to unfollow all spam twitter accounts
  • API available to display TwitChuck scores in your own application
  • Greasemonkey script allows you to report spammers directly from the twitter and twitter search web interface
TwitChuck - seriously taking on twitter spam

TwitChuck - seriously taking on twitter spam

TwitChuck Says

The why in TwitChuck is follow regret, the hours of staring at pointless spam posts. We had one question and that was how can we address the spam issue on Twitter? So the answer was TwitChuck, an intelligent way of looking at spam and following on Twitter.


  • TwitChuck – Seriously taking on twitter spam


  • @muudboard – Web guy @copperconf, husband, and amature chef. Working everyday with Jquery, gum and duct tape

TwitLonger – post more than 140 characters on twitter

TwitLonger is for the chatty twitter folks who find 140 just too short to have a conversation.

Type your long tweet at TwitLonger and the app would tweet a link to the long tweet in your twitter timeline. TwitLonger provides an API for integrating with other twitter apps.


  • Post tweets longer than 140 characters
  • API available for integrating with your twitter app


TwitLonger Says

Twitlonger is a way to let you post to Twitter when 140 characters just isn’t enough.

With Twitlonger, you can write what you need and a link to what you said will automatically be posted to your Twitter account. It’s like twitpic for text.


  • TwitLonger – When you talk too much for twitter


  • @twitlonger – When 140 characters isn’t enough
  • @stuartgibson – Freelance developer – give me a shout if you need a digital ninja

VoiceBoo – Voice Verify your twitter account

VoiceBoo is a unique twitter application that allows you to voice verify your twitter account.

With so many fake twitter accounts floating around and the Verified Seal by twitter not able to verify accounts belonging to non-celebrities, VoiceBoo seems like a nice alternative to tell the world you’re for real.

You can voice verify your own account as well as challenge anyone on twitter to do the same in order to make sure they’re for real.

In order to voice verify your twitter account, you need to call up a phone number provided and key in a personal code followed by speaking out a phrase that would be given to you. After this the community can vote to give you a stamp of approval. Once you receive a sizeable amount of votes, VoiceBoo would add a VoiceBoo Verify Seal to your twitter background image.

Want to leave a twitter voice message through GTalk? Try GuaGee.


  • Voice verify your twitter account
  • Community votes for you
  • Display VoiceBoo Verify Seal and tell the world you’re for real
  • API available for developers
Voice Verify your twitter account

Voice Verify your twitter account

VoiceBoo Says

With this feature, you can easily see which accounts the community think are ‘real’ and authentic and the ones that aren’t. If the account has a VoiceBoo Verification Seal on their profile then this means that they have been through our verification process and have had the community verify the level of trust that they place in the owner of the account.

If an account hasn’t been verified and you think that the owner is not the rightful person that the account portrays then you can use VoiceBoo Verify to verify the acccount.


  • VoiceBoo – Putting the confidence back into twitter profiles


  • @voiceboo – VooiceBoo Verified is a new and social way to verify users by using their voice. VooiceBoo Verify uses the power of the Vooices Technology Platform.
  • @prawlings – Techie. I created twe2.com (Free Twitter SMS), vooices.us and tweba.com. Vooices.us is a way for anyone to control web content by actually phoning the website

FileSocial – tweet your files!

FileSocial seems like an amazing twitter application to help you share any type of file with your twitter friends.

You will love the site’s user interface. While uploading a file you also have the option to not tweet the link to twitter. Friends who view your shared files can even leave their comments. Comments posted would appear as an @Reply on twitter!

You can track the number of views your shared file has generated. You can sign in to FileSocial using twitter OAuth thus there is no need to part away with your twitter password. The site has a public timeline that displays the files currently being shared by twitter users using FileSocial.

Update: FileSocial has undergone a major update. You can track views, delete files whenever you want, max file size is 50MB and there is a new Adobe AIR app called as FileSocial Uploader! You can easily upload images with this desktop application.


  • Upload and share any file on twitter
  • Option to not tweet a shared file’s link
  • Displays a shared files visitor count
  • Twitter OAuth enabled
  • Excellent user interface and design
  • API available for developers


FileSocial Says

FileSocial allows you to share any file through your Twitter account.



Tinker – discover what people are chatting about

Tinker helps you follow tweets and other social media mentions about topics and events that interest you.

You can follow event streams or create one of your own to get all the updates on that stream.

Tinker even has a clean and sleek widget for you to embed on your blogs or site. Your readers can then log in with their twitter account and post updates directly from the widget!

Tinker also has an API for application developers.

You need to register at Tinker and provide your twitter information to start using the service.


  • Create and follow streams containing tweets of interest
  • Blog widget to embed events in your blog or site
  • Tinker API for application developers


Tinker Says

Tinker is a new service that helps you stay on top of your favorite events by showing you the latest buzz from Twitter. Simply choose a keyword, and create an Event Stream. An event could be a movie premiere, a book launch, a Superbowl party, or an episode of Lost. It’s up to you.



  • @OnTinker – The official Twitter account of Tinker.com: enables users to find, follow, and participate in conversations around events and news
  • @samirarora – Game Changer, Founder & CEO Glam.com, Brash, NetObjects. Glam Media: Top 10 in US Media, #1 for Women, #1 Men Lifestyle, GlamTV Top 25 in Video. 100M Reach