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shhTwitter – tweet anonymously, nobody knows!

sshTwitter lets anyone send out a tweet without disclosing their identity. You can send plain simple tweets as well as @replies to anyone you wish.

Have a friend, foe or someone you secretly love? Tell them through sshTwitter. This might seem like an interesting thing to do, though I’m not sure for how long the site would be able to keep away all the spammers. Besides, rude tweets might be another reason that can land the site in trouble.

Let’s hope the site is used in the right way, for tweeting something good!


  • Tweet anonymously
  • Send messages and @replies without disclosing your identity on twitter


sshTwitter Says

We allow you to send a message via twitter without having to have an account, or use your account! Great if you want to say something that might hurt your reputation as being the top dog in the hood, or your company does not really want you saying. So stand up and say.. “I TWEET!



DrunkTwt – tweet anonymously when you are drunk

DrunkTwt is an open twitter account to which anyone can post an update!

The site has been developed for you to update when you are drunk. Nothings censored and you can tweet possibly anything you want to.

Genuine tweets would be fun but the trouble with such open sites is the amount of spammy updates that would be pushed in.


  • Tweet when you are drunk
  • Tweet anonymously and uncensored



  • DrunkTwt – Anonymous, uncensored twitter updates for everyone


  • @drunktwt – anonymous, uncensored twitter updates for everyone