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Ubersocial Android App

Ubersocial is a cool Android app for Twitter users and we can download it from Google Play. Well, there are many features in this app, which make it best in the huge list of Twitter related Android apps. Having this app installed on your Android is like, having complete Twitter in your pocket, while on the move.

The best feature of the app is that it allows you to create a list of favorite users. You can add the Twitter users in this list whom tweets you want to receive. If you are getting too many tweets on your timeline related to any particular topic, then Mute hashtag feature can make your timeline free from tweets related to that topic. You can access all the features from well designed menu and can customize it according to your needs as well.

You can even link your Facebook account with this app to post all tweets to your Facebook account automatically. The Live Preview feature of this app allows you to access all media data and links within the app itself. This app also solves the problem of 140 characters restriction in tweets. In short, Ubersocial is an ‘All In One’ Twitter app.

You should give Ubersocial, a try now.


  • Create a list of your favorite Twitter users to get their updates only
  • Mute any topic whose tweets are irritating you
  • Link your Facebook account to post tweets there automatically
  • Visit all the links within the app
  • Post tweets having more than 140 characters
  • Completely free to download and to use

UberSocial Says

UbserSocial is the best app that allows you to use Twitter with full features on your Android based smartphone or tablet.

Web Says

UberSocial– The World’s most popular full-featured Twitter app.




Tweet Scheduler Twitter App

Getting more and more number of followers has always been on the top in the wishlist of any Twitter user. All your Twitter marketing tactics will work, only if you are having a huge list of followers for your Twitter account. But the question arises that ‘How one can get more followers on Twitter’?

Well, the answer is simple,’ By tweeting at the right time’. Now, tweeting at the right time can be task of pain. But TweetScheduler is the Android app that can help you in making this task easier. TweetScheduler is an awesome Twitter tool for Android and you can get it from Google Play.

This app allows you to schedule your tweets for later posting. You can search for tweets, can get the info about trending topics and can get the tips and pack of some popular services that can help you in getting more followers. The simple user interface makes this app easy to use. No registration is required to use the service. Just install the app on your Android, authorize your Twitter account and you are ready to use it.

Trying this app does not cost you anything. So you should give TweetScheduler, a try now.


  • Schedule your tweets for later posting
  • Reply to others tweets
  • Search for any particular tweet with ease
  • Get the info about trending topics
  • Automatic re-scheduling of tweets if any tweet fails to be posted

TweetScheduler Says

TweetScheduler is the best app to schedule all your tweets to get more followers.

Web Says

  • TweetScheduler- Schedule your tweets in the easiest way.


Offline Tweet Android App

Want to post tweet in your Twitter timeline but aren’t connected to the Internet right now? Well, this is the most irritating moment which I suffer many times. You might be in the queue with me. There are many chances when we get some cool and interesting idea and want to share it with others by tweeting, but can’t do because of having no internet connection.

Don’t let your ideas to die before spreading the word about it. Offline Tweet is an awesome Android app that can help you in tweeting offline. Yeah, you heard it right. You can tweet offline in your Twitter account.

Well, the app is not about posting tweet offline. What this app does is, it saves your tweets in it and allow you to tweet with the single click. You can add as many number of tweets, you want to add and can send them easily with one click.

Imagine the case when you are getting lots of ideas and news to use as tweets and you don’t have internet connection. You can save all the tweets and can post them whenever you get WiFi access, right from your Android gadget.

Really helpful app. Isn’t it? The app is completely free to use. You should give Offline Tweet, a try now.


  • Tweet, when you don’t have internet connection
  • Save as many no. of tweets you want to
  • Send the tweets in your Twitter account with single click, when you get internet access
  • Completely free to use

 Offline Tweet Says

Offline Tweet is a cool Twitter app for Android which allows you to tweet, when you don’t have internet access.

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TweetCaster For Twitter

TweetCaster is an awesome Twitter app for Android gadgets. As we all know, there are thousands of Twitter clients in the Google Play, but this one is something different with huge number of unique features.  This app can surely enhance your Twitter experience on Android.

Talking about the features, the one that I like the most is ‘Search Party’ feature. This feature allows you to search for tweets based on number of filters. Normally finding any tweet is like an impossible task as there are thousands of millions of tweets getting tweeted everyday by Twitter users from all over the globe. You can set filters to shorten the results and to find any tweet quickly and easily.

‘Smart Lists’ feature allows you to create a list of your favorite users. You can use the ‘Photo Effects’ feature to add the filters and effects in the images. There is also a superb feature called ‘Zip it’ in this app, which allows you to zip the unwanted tweets from your Twitter timeline without unfollowing any particular user. Moreover, voice recognition facility allows you to create tweets by speaking in the microphone, rather than doing the hard work of typing.

You can even link your Facebook account for automatic updating of your tweets on your Facebook account. This app also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts at the single instance.

So what are you waiting for? This awesome app deserves to be there in your Android’s memory. You should give TweetCaster, a try now.


  • Search the tweets more smartly
  • Zip the unwanted tweets from your timeline
  • Create a list of favorite users
  • Add stunning effects in your photos
  • Link your Facebook account to automatic post your tweets there
  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts

TweetCaster Says

TweetCaster allows you to search for tweets with ease. You can add effects in your photos, can zip the unwanted tweets, can create tweets by speaking in microphone, can link Facebook account and can manage multiple accounts.

Web Says


Plume – Android twitter app for multiple accounts

If you are addicted to Twitter and own an Android gadget then you must have used many clients for Twitter till date. But, out of all the apps in the Android app store, Plume is the app which I’ve found to be best and took my time to review it here.

Plume is the no.1 Twitter client for Android. This app allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily. Well,  you may be thinking that there are many apps who provide the same service, then why is Plume the best? Nice thinking! And the answer to your question is that Plume allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts in a fully customized manner.

Talking about the features of this awesome app, the one thing I like most about it is that you get full control over the look of your Twitter account. You can customize the app so as to assign different colors to tweets and also can choose different themes according to your taste. The app has been designed to support honeycomb systems as well.

The user interface of the app is totally unique allowing to use Twitter account with full features i.e. you can post tweets, retweets, check notifications, send messages and  more with a single touch. You can refresh your feed by just touching the refresh button.

Posting tweets to your Twitter account becomes easier with this app. There are three options regarding posting tweets on the home screen of this app. You can select the option of hash tag instead of finding the symbol. Moreover, posting links become very easy with this app as you don’t have to write ‘http://’ ever. For this you can simply use the option on the home screen.

Opening the web pages become easier and faster with built in browser. You can set the option to load the avatars or not. Uploading the picture is also very simple and fast. In fact, we can say that Plume makes you experience a faster Twitter!

If you want to get more out of Twitter, then download this app now, which is completely free.

Download Link


  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Customize your Twitter, the way you want
  • Assign different colors to tweets
  • Switch between different options with single touch
  • Use fast Twitter with fast access to basic tasks
  • Facebook  Support


Plume Says

Now, you can see many flows (timeline, mentions, DM…) in the same screen. You can easily change the content of a column. You can see in a dedicated screen the information about the tweets and the profiles. And Plume uses the native Honeycomb behavior for more comfort.


  • Plume: Manage multiple Twitter accounts with full customization and fast speed


@Plume: Post Tweets, retweets, check messages etc. with fully customized Twitter account of your choice.


Vodafone Update – A twitter app for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Desktop from Vodafone!

Vodafone Update let’s you update your status on many major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace etc.

You can view status updates on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Myspace. @repy to your friends updates. Search twitter tweets in real-time. Upload and share photos. Supported for Windows and Mac.

This app is available for Blackberry, Android, iPhone as well as for the Desktop (Adobe AIR based app)


  • Social network app from Vodafone
  • Available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Desktop
  • Supports Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn
  • @Reply, Search tweets and upload and share photos
  • Supports Windows and Mac OS X

Vodafone Update Says

With Vodafone Update you can access messages from your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts. All in one app.


  • Vodafone Update – What’s happening right now on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn?

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  • @cheth – Chief Web / Graphic Designer; Head Designer and Founder of CS. Current Status: Creative depot / Entertainment Desk of a Leading Weekly Magazine.

Seesmic – twitter app for web, desktop, Android, Blackberry and what not!

Seesmic has twitter applications for a LOT of different platforms. There’s an Adobe AIR app that’s cross-platform and can be used on Windows, Linux as well as Mac.

For Windows users, Seesmic has a windows based twitter application that has an excellent user interface and makes tweeting all the more fun. One of the main reasons why I hadn’t profiled Seesmic on Twi5 till now was that I never really liked the seesmic UI, but with the windows application my complaints have disappeared.

Seesmic recently launched twitter apps for Android as well as Blackberry.

Seesmic Desktop (Adobe AIR)

The AIR app was one of the first apps that Seesmic developed as part of the wide range of apps that they have now. Being based on Adobe AIR, the app can be used by Windows, Linux and Mac users.

Seesmic Desktop has support for multiple twitter accounts. Lists are supported as well. You can create multiple columns and have each column dedicated to various updates such as @replies, Direct Messages etc. Create saved searches and have them displayed in a separate column.

Apart from Twitter, Seesmic Desktop supports Facebook as well. You can ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on any of the Facebook posts.


Seesmic for Windows

Seesmic for windows is built on the .NET framework. It has an excellent UI and if you are a windows user, I suggest you use Seesmic for Windows instead of the Adobe AIR app.

Apart from the features available in the AIR app, Seesmic for windows also offers a tabbed view of Accounts, Searches and Twitter lists.


Seesmic Web

So, you want to access Seesmic from everywhere, eh? Seesmic has a web version available for you.

The web interface is simple and has all the functionalities provided in the Seesmic AIR app.


Seesmic twitter app for Android

Seesmic for Android groups all your Twitter timelines in one simple screen. Whether you want to scroll infinitely in your friends timeline or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one tap away in a beautiful interface.

Share photos, videos and your location in your tweets, with the service you want. Seesmic has included popular photo and video sharing websites like yFrog, TwitPic and Youtube. You can choose what notifications you wish to receive and the set the notification ringtone of your choice.

If you get bored of using Twidroid, you should probably give this app a spin as well!


The Seesmic for Android mobile application has implemented exciting new features for you. The Android app now allows you to manage multiple accounts as well as remember your scroll position. There are also a number of other enhancements that will make your online experience much more useful.


Seesmic twitter app for Blackberry

The blackberry twitter application from Seesmic offers you a single clean view of all you tweets.

Seesmic for BlackBerry groups all your Twitter timelines into one simple application. Whether you want to scroll through your friends timeline, check on a saved search, view a list or want to find a private conversation with a friend, everything is one click away from the main menu.


Seesmic Says

Stay connected and share information with your friends


  • Seesmic – Stay connected and share information with your friends


  • @seesmic – I make updates and announcements for Seesmic.com Send feedback/questions to @askseesmic

TwitterRide – twitter client for Android

TwitterRide is a simple and easy to use twitter app for Android. It probably has one of the cleanest UI compared to some of the other twitter apps for Android.

Notification of new tweets is in the form of stars that light up when you have new tweets to read. It’s easy to tweet, retweet as well as send @Replies. You can upload images too. You can view any twitter users profile information. Apart from this, you can even update your twitter profile pic from this app.

The app has support for Twitters Saved Search, Hashtags, URL shortener, Spell Checker etc.


  • Android twitter client
  • One of the cleanest UI
  • Easy notifications of new tweets
  • Update status, send @replies, direct messages and retweets
  • View any twitter users profile information
  • Update your twitter profile pic


TwitterRide Says

Simple and fast Twitter client for Android



  • @twitride – TwitterRide is simple and fast Twitter client for Android.
  • @tanimoto – perl, java, android, bike, fishing, tennis, married, 2 kids

Swift – one of the fastest twitter clients for Android

Swift is a lightweight twitter client built for Android. It’s simple to use and lightweight too.

The app is fast and loads really quick. Older tweets are automatically loaded as you scroll through your timeline. With mobile phones, there’s always this problem of connectivity. If for some reason you lose connectivity or the app is not able to send your update, there’s a “try again later” functionality that tries to send the update again after some time.

Short links are expanded automatically so that you know where they lead to. If you are someone in need of speed, then Swift is the Android twitter app for you.


  • Lightweight and fast, loads quickly
  • Older tweets are loaded automatically when you scroll down
  • “try again later” will try sending the update till it is successful
  • Photo upload via YFrog, TwitGoo etc.
  • Attach videos


Swift Says

the fastest, leanest, meanest Twitter client for Android


  • Swift – One of the fastest twitter clients for Android


  • @swiftapp – The damn best Twitter client for Android. We try harder! Handcrafted by @sd
  • @sd – Venezuelan, geek, father, living in NYC and building www.streeteasy.com with Rails and www.swift-app.com for Android.

Twidroid – twitter app for Android mobile phones

Twidroid is a twitter app developed for mobile phones running on Android. It’s one of the coolest apps for Android phones and worth a try.

You can update your status, @Reply as well as DM. There are options to follow/unfollow users, auto completion of contact names, integration with identi.ca, GPS support for updating your location, location based search and much more.


  • Full-featured twitter client
  • Postings, replies & direct messages
  • User detail information, follow/unfollow a user
  • Auto-completion of your contact names
  • Secured operation via SSL
  • Option to use identi.ca instead of twitter
  • Option to use twitter compatible APIs (e.g. laconi.ca)
  • Integrates directly with android’s browser & gallery for sharing
  • GPS location support to update your profile or embed into photos
  • Location-based nearby search
  • Directly integrated photo-posting from cam or disk via phodroid and twitpic
  • Directly integrated search through all public tweets
  • Native url-shortening
  • Background notifications for replies & direct messages
  • Auto layout for landscape and portrait mode
  • Custom alert ringtones
  • API to send tweets from your android application
  • ‘Buzz’ feature that allows you to view today’s most talked about stories on twitter directly in the app


Twidroid Says

The leading full-featured twitter & identi.ca app for android mobile phones


  • Twidroid – The twitter app for Android Mobiles


  • @twidroid – the #1 twitter app for android | ideas/problems mail:AT:twidroid.com – no support via twitter
  • @thomas – avid runner and startup maker // mostly known for creating the infamous popurls.com
  • @zimmermann