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HashPost – #easy #hashes in your tweets

HashPost is Twitter tool for Android. It’s developed to ease the task of including hash tags in your tweets.

Its ‘Profile Hashes’ feature allows you to enter the tags once to get them included in your tweets always. ‘Temporary Hashes’ feature enables you to enter the tags that you want to use for a definite time span and HashPost includes them automatically in all of your tweets posted in defined time period.

‘Time Hashes’ makes it possible for you to select the time-based tags you want automatically added. You can add the tags that show your location with the ‘Location Hashes’ feature.

It’s available in both free and paid version. You should try HashPost now.


  • Enter the tags that you want to use always in our tweets
  • Enter the tags that you want to use in your tweets for definite time span
  • Select the time-based tags you want automatically added
  • Add tags that show where you are

HashPost - #easy #hashes in your tweets

HashPost Says

A special purpose Twitter app. Its sole purpose in life is to make it easy for you to include #lots of #hashes in your Tweets. Ideal for Live Tweeting an event.

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HashPost – #easy #hashes in your tweets


Pictarine- View The Latest Photos of people You Care About

Pictarine is an app developed for Android that lets you to view the View the latest photos of people you follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr.

Connect your social media accounts with this app and you will start getting the latest photos’ updates right on your Android device. Stay up to date with your friends’ photos and be the first to like, comment and share them.

This app supports the sites like  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. This app ensures you to not to miss any single photo update from your friend.

It’s completely free to use. Give Pictarine a try now.


  • Supports 11 major social networking sites
  • Get the latest photos’ updates in your pocket
  • Like and comment the Facebook and Instagram photos
  • Zoom in and out feature
  • Completely free to use
Pictarine- Never Miss Any Single Photo

Pictarine Says

Use Pictarine to get the latest photos’ updates from your friends on social media. Be the first to like, comment and share your friends’ photos.

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Pictarine– Latest Photos’ Updates From Social Media




Postagram- Send Real Postcards From Your Android, At Your Doorstep

Postagram is an Android app that allows you to send real postcards from your Android device, at your doorstep. Postcards can be delivered anywhere in the world. The delivery to US cities cost $0.99 and for other countries, it’s $1.99.

Postagrams are personalized with the profile photo of the sender and include an optional 140 character message. The cards are printed with the 300 dpi quality. You can click a shot with this app or can also select photos from Instagram or Facebook account.

If during the shipping, there is any loss to postcards, the Postagram will send you a new one without any additional charge. So your order with them is totally secured.

Postagram is free to download and is available in Google Play. Give Postagram, a try now.


  •  Printed on thick, glossy photo postcards at 300dpi resolution
  • Delivered anywhere in the US for 99c & $1.99 for addresses in other countries
  • Include an optional 140 character message
  • Good to send Greeting cards, Birthday cards, Invitations etc.
  • Free to download
Postagram Says
Postagram makes it easy to send a printed photo in the mail to yourself, friends or family anywhere in the world. Take a shot with the app or use photos from your photo library or Facebook.
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Postagram– Send real postcards from your Android, at your doorstep

nanoTweeter- Simple Twitter Notifier For Android

nanoTweeter is a simple Twitter notifier for Android devices. It notifies you whenever there is new update in your Twitter account.

It’s complete alternative for mobile version of Twitter website, but comes with extra plus point of notification feature. It runs in background and notifies you about the new updates in your Twitter account via Android Notification System. It can be configure to get the notification about the updates from selected users of your choice.

nanoTweeter is completely free to use. You should give it a try now.


  • Simple Twitter notifier for your Android smartphone and tablet
  • Runs in background and notifies you about new updates in your Twitter account
  • Uses Android notification system to notify you about new updates
  • Best alternative for mobile.twitter.com
  • Free to use

nanoTweeter Says

A very simple Twitter notifier.

nanoTweeter uses the standard Android notification system to tell you when you have new @replies or direct messages, and can optionally also notify you about all tweets from all your friends (or just a selection of them).

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nanoTweeter– Simple Twitter notifier for Android



Twitvid Android App

Images speak and are worth 1000 words. This quote seems to be interesting and the In fact, it’s so. So an Image is worth 1000 words, so what about a video? What about combination of both? Let’s stop the puzzle here and come to  the point. Images and Videos can work miracle on social networking sites for you.

Twitvid is the no.1 Android app allowing you to post videos and images on your Twitter or Facebook account. Just download this app on your Android. Select the picture you want to use, insert your message and simply post it on your Twitter account. You can also link your Facebook account and can post on both at the same time.

The image can be selected from your Android’s gallery. This app creates a link to your images and post it along with your message. The same can be done with videos as well. This is the best and simplest way to post videos or images on your Twitter and Facebook account.

This app is free to use. So you should give it a try.


  • Best way to post videos and images from your Android on social networking sites.
  • Post your images and tweets along with the message in easy steps.
  • Post images and videos to Facebook and Twitter, simultaneously.
  • Completely free to use.

Twitvid Says

The best Android app to post videos and images on your Facebook or Twitter account.

Web Says

Twitvid– Insert videos and images in your status and tweets from your Android device.



Tweety Manager- Manage Your Tweets

Tweety Manager is a Twitter related app for Android devices which allows you to schedule your tweets to get them posted on timely manner. Everybody on Twitter wants to get more and more no. of followers. This can be done with scheduled tweets which on one side, attract other users to follow you and on the other side, doesn’t make your Twitter timeline to look like spam.

With Tweety Manager, you can schedule tweets right from your Android based tablet or smartphone. You can schedule as many tweets as you want. You can set the settings to receive the notification when your tweets get posted on your timeline. You can check the past tweets by browsing the history. Moreover, this app provides the feature of URL shortening service which automatically shorten the links (if any) in your tweets.

This app is completely free to use and can be downloaded from Google Play. You should give it a try now.


  • Schedule the tweets, in the way you want
  • Check the past tweets from the history panel
  • Automatically URL shortening in the scheduled tweets
  • Receive notifications when tweet gets live on your timeline

Tweety Manager Says

Tweety Manger lets you to schedule your tweets. You can schedule as many tweets you want can get notifications when your tweets get posted on your Twitter timeline.

Web Says

Tweety Manager– Best Android app to schedule your tweets.



Slices For Twitter

If we start counting the no. of apps made for Twitter till date, then I am sure that our life will come to an end (Alas!) but the count will never meet its end. We can categorize the Twitter clients into three category. One is for the apps which are just a blot on the apps’ name. Second one for the apps which are just ‘good’. The third category is for the apps which deserve the tag of ‘Best Twitter Apps’.

Slices for Twitter is an awesome app that falls in third category. This app is available for iPhone and Android. Talking about the features of Slices, it allows you to search Twitter in the most expandable manner. You can search for your followers and tweets or topics in the simplest and quickest manner. Slices show you live event on your timeline, instantly and let you to follow the on-going events. You can divide your timeline into slices to get the tweets categorize into suitable categories and topics to have easy access to your favorite tweets.

You can save bookmarks of important tweets and Twitter profiles. You can integrate multiple Twitter accounts with this app. ‘SmartLists’ feature allows you to make a list of your favorite Twitter users.  By using ‘Zip It’ feature, you can hide unwanted tweets without unfollowing any user.

This app has got all awesome features in it. You should give this app, a try now.


  • Search anything in Twitter in more expandable manner
  • Get live events on your timeline instantly
  • Save bookmarks of tweets
  • Hide the unwanted tweets without unfollowing any user
  • Completely free to use



Slices Says

Slices give you a better way to explore Twitter. Follow today’s events in real time. Slice your timeline into groups that you define.

Web Says

Slices– The best app for Android and iPhone to explore Twitter, in the way, you want to.



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