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You use grading or marks system to evaluate the study skills of any student, use Box Office stars rating system to rate the movies but, What do you use to measure popularity in social networking sites? Confused?? Well, you should not longer be, as I know a perfect tool to measure the popularity in social networking sites.

This tool is . The craze of social networking sites is at its best and almost 1.5 billion people from all over the globe are on the social networking sites. Starcount makes a chart of popularity related to any particular topic. The chart position is determined  by starcount scoring system. Starcount has a great procedure to score the persons on social networking sites that can be found on their official site. The starcount counts the 11 major social networking sites that are Facebook, Twitter, Tencent Weibo, Sina Weibo, Orkut, Vkontakte, Google +, Renren, Youku, Mixi, YouTube. You can find out the famous people of social networking sites based on your country selection or worldwide as well. Starcount is also planning to start award functions to give awards to the famous celebrities of social networking sites related to different categories like music, sports, fashion, gaming etc. You should try starcount now.


  • Measure the popularity in social networking sites
  • Browse through the easily understandable charts
  • Get the real-time charts representing popularity, that change everyday
  • Limit the results according to country

Starcount says

Discover today’s most popular stars in social media, on the biggest charts on earth.

Web says

Starcount– The best tool to measure the popularity in social networking sites.



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