SpyTwitter – spy on any twitter user!

SpyTwitter helps you understand a twitter users behaviour on twitter. You just need to enter the username of a user you wish to spy on and SpyTwitter would display a bunch of useful information to help you understand all about the concerned twitter user.

A twitter users spy report consists of information such as the users location displayed on a map, the top @replies from the twitter user, last 5 pictures taken from TwitPic and the 10 most recent tweets from the user.

Apart from spying on a twitter user, you can also get useful insights into the top keywords on twitter with the volume of tweets generated by those keywords. You can check for available twitter usernames as well.


  • Graph to check ratio between followers and following
  • Geolocation if it is already posted on your twitter profile
  • 10 most recent tweets
  • Tendency of statuses (graphical data showing % each day)
  • Top @replies (shows to whom you have replied most)
  • Last 5 pictures (taken from TwitPic)
  • Top keywords and their volume (per hour)
  • Analysis about top keywords
  • Recent tweets about particular keywords
  • Check who has been spied the most
  • Check whether a username is available or not


SpyTwitter Says

SpyTwitter is the latest application dedicated to one of the fastest growing micro-blogging sites, Twitter.
All the data available on SpyTwitter is collected using the Twitter API.



  • @olgi – Webmaster + Affiliate Marketer
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