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SortFix gets you results from multiple sources to give an aggregated result. Often you might find yourself searching for results on various sites such as Google, Twitter Search etc. SortFix is here to save you the trouble of carrying out your research from a single site!

I guess this site would be particularly useful when you want to find news, tweets and videos related to your site or blog. I tried searching for the name of my latest app JustUnfollow , and could see the various blog posts that mentioned this tiny twitter app that I made. I could see two videos that were made to show how to use the app too!


  • Search Google, Twitter, Bing, Youtube and images
  • Convenient way to keep track of your site’s mentions

SortFix Says

We’ve developed a system that does all the hard work and leaves you only the easy part. Behind the scene an intelligent algorithm imitates a professional searcher – by scanning and examining the results, it reveals the significant keywords and terms that will help you to define a better question. Then comes the best part, by using SortFix’s unique interface you can play with the suggested keywords, and create your own individual and precise query, and when you ask a precise question you usually get the right answer.



  • @sortfix – Semantic algorithm search engine.
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2 thoughts on “SortFix – search google, bing, twitter and Youtube

  1. Tom

    I think the most important thing about sortfix is the darg and drop function. It lets you refine the query and get better results.

    You can say that it is actualy a sorting engine

    thanks for writing about us


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