SocialWhale – twitter web 2.0!

SocialWhale just made the twitter web interface oh so good!

What have you been complaining about the twitter website lately? Lack of easy ways to share images, shorten links and above all – the missing Retweet button?

Worry no more because socialwhale seems to have come to your rescue! SocialWhale is like twitter website on steroids. Though still in alpha, the site has a lot of features to keep you excited.

You can easily share images at the click of a button. The Retweet Button is something that should make a lot of you happy. There’s a spell checker and the option to add special chars to your tweet.

The site has integrated a few APIs’ from third party twitter applications such as Mr.Tweet that lets you see the percentage of replies, number of updates per day, recommendations etc. and TwitterCounter that displays a twitter users follower count change in a graph. On SocialWhale, you can create groups which other users can follow.

SocialWhale is currently an invitation only application. The first 30 users clicking this link get to try SocialWhale.


  • Enhanced Twitter web interface
  • Retweet button added to help you easily retweet any tweet from your timeline
  • Easily share images, special chars etc.
  • Mr.Tweet and TweetCounter APIs’ integrated
  • Create and follow groups for relevant and interesting updates


SocialWhale Says

Social whale aims to extend twitter’s popular microblogging platform to include additional features like groups, tagged favourites and many more. Our intention is not to create a new twitter client but create an extended version of twitter which will be able to collaborate with other twitter applications as well.



  • @socialwhale – A new twitter client with groups, tags and more interesting things! Follow us for invitations and updates

SocialWhale Invite

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