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Twitter and Facebook, two most glowing names in social networking, are the great platforms to make your business to shine worldwide by promoting your products. Most of the people just post their product’s promotional links to Twitter and Facebook and in return, they start hoping for some sales.

Well, is this the perfect way to make any sale?  Absolutely not! Yes, I agree that  there are many merchants who have achieved tremendous success by marketing on Twitter and Facebook in this way, but the sad thing is that majority  is of unsuccessful merchants. So it’s time to use ‘’, which will enhance your efforts in marketing and will bring real customers to your products.

What this awesome tool does is, it posts the product links directly to your Twitter account or Facebook page. Your followers or other people on Twitter or Facebook will not only be able to see the product, but also will be able to buy the products from Twitter or Facebook itself. In modern world, everybody needs easy access and this is what this tool provides.

To use this service, you need to have account at ‘shopify’, which is like online E-commerce sites builder. You can build E-commerce portal using this tool. After creating your E-commerce site, hosted on shopify, whatever product you will add there, it will get updated automatically on your Facebook page or Twitter account linked with socialify. Another good feature of this service is that it offers you auto translation. This is very convenient as it’s not necessary that your Twitter followers know the English language. In such cases, socialify will convert it to user understandable language itself. So you can expect a great peak in your sale’s graph.

You can sign up for 30 days trial pack for free. Try socialify now.


  • Automatically publish new products in your shopify store and promote them to your fans
  • Offers auto translation feature
  • One click purchase facility
  • Along with the Twitter, support for Facebook as well
  • 30 days free trial offer

Socialify Says

Increase your online sales by publishing products on your shop’s Facebook Page and Twitter account. Keep your fans posted on the latest offers and promotions.

Socialify works with shops created in Shopify, a simple, easy-to-use solution for selling online.

Web Says

Socialify: Take your online shop to Facebook and Twitter



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