Snaptu – best free twitter mobile application

Snaptu is a free mobile application that supports twitter and a host of other sites such as FaceBook, Google Calendar etc.

It’s one of the best twitter mobile applications that we have come across lately! We just loved the snaptu interface design.

Once you install snaptu, you can login to your twitter account. You can then start reading all the tweets in your timeline. There are options to update your status, view @Replies and Direct Messages as well as all your Favorites.

You can easily @Reply, RT, Favorite, view twitter users profile and visit links shared in tweets by clicking on the tweets. There’s TwitPic support as well.

Trust us on this one, the ease of use and the user interface will not disappoint you!


  • One of the best mobile twitter applications
  • Supports twitter as well as FaceBook, Google Calendar etc.
  • Update your twitter status
  • View @replies, Direct Messages and Favorites
  • @Reply, RT and Favorite any tweet
  • View twitter users profile
  • Open links in browser
  • TwitPic support


Snaptu Says

Snaptu is a free mobile service that offers you a selection of fun and useful applications
A fast and easy way to access the Internet on your phone
Turns your existing phone into a cool Internet device
Works on hundreds of phone models


  • Snaptu – Free mobile twitter application


  • @snaptu – The fastest and probably the best Twitter app for your phone, and much more…
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41 thoughts on “Snaptu – best free twitter mobile application

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  4. Richie

    Absolutely, I’ve been using snaptu for a few months – awesome. Use the search a lot. Also v cool is when you click on a tweet all hashtags come up and you can click and get it’s search results!

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  17. Pip

    i was really missing my twitter connects when i was off line and while travelling. I installed Snaptu in my mobile and i am really enjoying now. Very useful i would advocate every one to use it.

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  19. lizz

    Does this twitter app work for any phones?.. I have the Touch Screen GLYDE with Verizon.. Will it work on my mobile too??

  20. Chyy

    will this work with the samsung rogue ? i tried going to the mobile site & there’s now way to download it .

  21. Nischal Shetty Post author

    It would work if your app supports java apps (I guess it does). I don’t know abt the mobile site, try downloading onto your desktop and then transfer it to your cell

  22. vivian

    snaptu is d best mobile app,its got fbk,twiter,utube my space…………tanx 2 snaptu my mobile is loaded.

  23. acuberos

    Snaptu no more support twitter. It was acquired by Zucks las year and it was converted into facebook for mobile phones. It’s a shame! IT was by far the best twitter app for java phones. Now no other java app for twitter really work better than using a web brower like opera, to open mobile version of twitter. πŸ™

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