Snapatar – the quickest way to change your twitter avatar

Snapatar lets you create a new twitter profile avatar using your webcam. Just click your pic using your webcam and Snapatar would automatically update your twitter profile image for you.

Snapatar has a few advanced features such as Mirror mode which lets you flip your image as well as a self-timer which clicks the image after a delay of about 5 seconds.


  • Create a new twitter avatar using your webcam
  • Fastest and easiest way to set a new twitter profile image


Snapatar Says

Snapatar lets you update your Twitter profile picture using your webcam. Simply snap a picture, fill out your Twitter details and send the new image to Twitter. You can do this as often as you like. Your creativity is the limit.


  • Snapatar – From webcam to twitter avatar in two easy steps


  • @snapatar – Snapatar lets you create a new Twitter profile image from your webcam in two very easy steps.
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