SMStweet – Indian twitter users can now use twitter via regular SMS!

SMStweet as the name says, lets you tweet through SMS. Why is this a big deal when there’s already a service offered by an Indian service provider? Well, for once this isn’t tied to a particular network. I wasn’t able to use twitter through sms due to my service provider. May be I can start tweeting through sms now!

Considering the low sms rates in India, this service can help twitter gain popularity among cell phone users. To register, you just need to authorize smsTweet through twitter oAuth and you’re good to tweet through SMS in India.

The service currently seems to have local mumbai and Bangalore numbers. Hope more cities are added soon.

To tweet through sms just send Tweet <your message> and SMStweet would post the tweet to your twitter stream.


  • Tweet through SMS in India
  • No premium rates
  • Not restricted to one particular service provider
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


SMStweet Says

No longer depend on your web browser or a twitter client. No need to install any software on your phone or use Internet on your phone. No need to pay premium rates to your network provider.

Just send an sms at normal rates to tweet your thoughts


  • SMStweet – Tweet using your mobile phone in India


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