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SimilarSites helps you find sites that are similar to a site you like. So, if you want to search for all video sharing sites i.e. sites similar to YouTube, then you just enter and SimilarSites would display a list of all the matching sites.

The search engine has now introduced a new twitter feature that makes searching similar sites a bit easier (this is one of those features for twitterers who refuse to use anything but twitter ).

You can now send a tweet with the hashtag #similarsites and the @similarsites account would send you a link to the search result page.

SimilarSites also has a Firefox and Internet Explorer add-on to help you easily find sites similar to the one you’re currently browsing.


  • Get links to similar sites by sending a tweet
  • Firefox and Internet Explorer add-ons available


SimilarSites Says is a related content engine based on the same technologies that drive the SimilarWeb browser add-on, it allows a new type of browsing we refer to as “associative browsing”. You begin by looking at a site that interests you and from then on you are able to start hopping through similar sites and subjects.



  • @similarsites – the best place to find similar sites on the web is based on the SimilarWeb Technology.
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