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Raise your hands if you use twitter for marketing. Oh! Almost everyone is raising his/her hand as every second individual uses it for the same.  To use Twitter perfectly for your marketing purposes, you need to get the attention of other users toward your tweets. There is no meaning of tweets if they are not able to catch the eye of others.

The task of getting user’s attention and make them to actually show interest in your tweets seems to be simple, but in fact, it is not so.  Well, Don’t worry about it as an awesome service named can help you in making the task easier. For all those who don’t know about this service, let me tell you that it does the same work as its name ‘Show Me Trend’.

People on twitter usually show interest in the tweets which are focused on trending topics. This is what does for you. It lets you search about the trending topics by entering date and location. Then it shows you the trending topics based on your entered data. By using the trending topics in your tweets, you can surely attract  more and more twitter users and can get more success with your marketing on Twitter.

In simple words, it is the best and unique service that guides you ‘What To Tweet’ and ‘When To Tweet’ and believe me both these factors are very important if you want to get success in your marketing on Twitter.

You should give showmetrend, a try now and it does not cost you anything to start.


  • Make the perfect use of Twitter for your marketing needs
  • Attract other users towards your tweets
  •  Get info about the trendy topics and use them in your tweets
  • Trendy topics according to time and location
  • Learn ‘What To Tweet’ and ‘When To Tweet’

Showmetrend says:

Twitter Trending Topics Database – WorldWide Trending Topics from now | search Trending Topics by date, time, place and by term.





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