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If you have been using Twitter for long time, then you must be aware with the biggest restriction in Twitter. Yes, I am talking about the restriction on the number of characters in your tweets in Twitter. As you all know, one can only tweet with maximum of 140 characters in it. But it’s no more restriction for you as I am reviewing a very good service, ‘’ in this post. Shlonger is the service, who felt the problem of Twitter users and came with a solution to it. Yes, by using this service, you can post longer tweets.

Well, the process is very simple and you just need to point to their site. Once you are there, just write the tweet, click create button and you will be given with a link. This link points to your long tweet. So while posting long tweet, just use this url and your followers will get an option to check your full tweet by clicking that link. It’s as simple as ABC.

The biggest features I like about this tool is that it’s completely free to use. You can use it without paying even a single penny. Moreover, after creating link for your long tweet, you can directly send it to your Twitter account within the tool itself.

So what are you waiting for? Give Shlonger, a try now.


  • Feel free to post long tweets
  • Don’t let your thoughts to shrink in 140 characters
  • Create a link to your long tweet easily
  • Share the created link easily on your Twitter

Shlonger says

This website allows you easily share large text on Twitter. Just click on the “Create New” button, enter the text and than Share it. You can delete text at anytime.

Shlonger Says

Shlonger: How to share large text on Twitter easily.





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