Selective Twitter – update FaceBook status from twitter

SelectiveTwitter is a FaceBook app that updates your FaceBook status with your tweets.

SelectiveTwitter, as the name goes, doesn’t update just about every tweet from your twitter timeline. Only tweets that end with the hashtag #fb are updated. This way, you are in total control of what tweets you want updated as your FaceBook status.

Please note that the app would not be able to update your FaceBook status if your twitter updates are protected.


  • Updates tweets ending with #fb
  • Avoid confusing your Facebook friends
  • Don’t swamp your profile with too many updates
  • Leave certain updates on Facebook for longer


SelectiveTwitter Says

Selective Twitter Status lets you update your Facebook status from Twitter –
BUT you can choose which tweets you want – just end a tweet with #fb when you want to post it as your Facebook status – simple!



  • @andyy – Internet Entrepreneur studying Computer Science @ Oxford Uni / Co-Founder, / Author of Selective Twitter Status for FB
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57 thoughts on “Selective Twitter – update FaceBook status from twitter

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  3. wenn

    hi. can i just check with you over this sentence
    ‘Please note that the app would not be able to update your FaceBook status if your twitter updates are protected.” how do i know whether my twitter updates are protected? and besides that, i have followed the instruction closely and yet it cant be done.

    anyone know about it? can help me out? thanks a lot =)

  4. Nischal Shetty Post author

    @wenn Logout of twitter and then go to your twitter page. If you can see your tweets even when you are logged out of twitter then you do not have a protected account. You can also check the same in ‘Settings’. To update to facebook, are you making use of the hashtag in your tweets?

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  6. Christoph

    But what if i want to use “Selective Tweets” and wanna protected Tweets, because there are some Assholes spamming at me with @-Messages and that really sucks for real! The only way -that I know- to block them is by protecting my tweets so they don’t see a tweet from me so they can’t reply on anything.

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