SearchCheck – get notified when your tweets don’t appear on Twitter Search

SearchCheck will notify you when it finds that your tweets aren’t turning up on Twitter Search. I have come across a lot of twitter users who complain about their tweets not appearing in the search results. Well, this tool may not be able to help you rectify the problem, but it’ll help you identify the problem faster and easier.

The app doesn’t require you to share your password or authorize it using oAuth. All you need to do is follow @SearchCheck and you would be notified if your tweets aren’t indexed on Twitter.

SearchCheck is brought to you by the creator of TwitterKarma.


  • Get notified when your tweets aren’t indexed on Twitter Search
  • Just follow @SearchCheck to be notified of indexing discrepancy


SearchCheck Says

If you participate in the global realtime conversation that happens on Twitter, you need your tweets indexed in Twitter Search so that they appear in search results. Sometimes Twitter fails to do this for all users, and it’s possible that you could be one of the users not indexed on any given day! Sure, you could check Twitter Search every day to make sure you’re still being indexed … or you could just let @SearchCheck do it for you automatically.


  • SearchCheck – Are your tweets being indexed in Twitter Search


  • @searchcheck – Are your tweets being indexed by Twitter Search? Follow me to receive a DM on every day that they are not.
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