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Search.Stagram is an awesome web-based app that comes from the house of Webstagram. It does the same work in Instagram, as Google does in web.

It’s a simple search tool for Instagram that lets you to search for Instagram photos based on multiple keywords, tags and words. Search.Stagram grabs the results from Instagram and brings the photos related to your search query, in front of you. Moreover, you are also given the list of some related keywords/tags, to extend your search capabilities and to perform your interest related search.

This app is completely free to use. You should give Search.Instagram, a try now.


  • Search engine for Instagram.
  • Search for Instagram photos based on multiple keywords, words and tags
  • Free to use

Search.Stagram Says

Search.Stagram is a search engine for Instagram pictures.

You can search Instagram pictures using multiple words and keywords and tags!

Web Says

Search.Stagram– Discover Instagram photos



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