RSSFriends – track followers and unfollowers easily through RSS!

RSSFriends is a twitter app that lets you track your twitter Follower and Unfollower count through RSS. This is a useful app for those who do not prefer email apps like Qwitter and Follows which send email notifications every time someone unfollows on twitter.

Not only that, you can also easily subscribe to any user’s Favourite feed as well as track changes to any twitter users friend list – all through RSS feeds!

Getting updates to new followers and unfollowers through RSS means that you can disable the email notifications that twitter sends you every time you get a new follower. These mails can be overwhelming at times when you have a lot of new followers each day.

Please note that it takes some time for a newly created feed to start displaying data. So do not panic if the feed URL doesn’t show any data as soon as you create it. Check back after some time.

P.S. You can view our follower/unfollower feed here.


  • RSS feed for tracking twitter Followers and UnFollowers
  • RSS feed for viewing a twitter users friend following and unfollowing
  • RSS feed for viewing a twitter users Favourited tweets
  • No password needed


RSSFriends Says

Track changes in friends list or follower and unfollower on Twitter with an RSS Feed


  • RSSFriends – Track twitter followers and unfollowers through RSS feeds


  • @rssfriends – Tracks your follower/unfollower via RSS. Send tweet to @zoernert for info
  • @zoernert – Pilot, IBMer, Metropolist, Initiator, Gadget Junkee, Paramedic, Traveller, VATSIM Controller, Kiva supporter, Podcast consumer

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  • @Twitya – building twilationships
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