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RSS2Twitter seems like a good competitor to TwitterFeed. Apps like these are for twitter users who wish to have new content on their sites sent down to the twitter stream automatically.

You can add multiple twitter accounts and have the same RSS feed content tweeted on all of them. You have the option to select different update frequencies which would help you manage when you want the content to be posted to your twitter account.

If you have an updated content in one of your RSS feeds and want it to be tweeted immediately, then there’s an Update Now button to do that. You can customize what you want to be tweeted with respect to the feed content such as only the feed title, description etc.

The app even offers filters allowing you to choose what content from the feed you want in your twitter timeline. Analytics are provided to help you track clicks.


  • Automatically post RSS feed to twitter
  • Add multiple twitter accounts
  • Choose different frequencies for your feeds
  • Immediately update new feeds at the click of a button
  • Choose to include RSS feed title only, title and description or description only
  • Filter updates with “include only with” and “exclude with”
  • Analytics: track your update clicks


RSS2Twitter Says

We offer a simple way to publish your content to twitter directly from your RSS feeds.


  • RSS2Twitter – The easiest way to publish your content to twitter, directly from your RSS feeds


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12 thoughts on “RSS2Twitter – publish content from RSS to twitter

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  8. Dale

    RSS 2 Twitter is an original knock off of RSStoTwitter. They could not even come up with an original name or tagline, they had to rip off RTT.

    While I welcome competition, I put of prefer them to be original. Some of their technologies are great, but no need to steal the name and tagline.

    From the desk of the original RSS to Twitter the original easiest way to feed RSS to Twitter.


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