RichTweets – when 140 is just not enough

RichTweets is for those who keep complaining that the 140 character limit of twitter isn’t enough. Or may be for times when you need to write more than 140 to put across a point.

You can create full HTML tweets with colours, images, videos and whatever you want including widgets! RichTweets uses twitter oAuth for authentication. Your twitter followers can easily reply to any of your RichTweets as well.


  • Tweet more than 140 characters
  • Include full HTML, colours, videos, images and widgets
  • Reply to any tweet
  • Uses twitter oAuth


RichTweets Says

Sometimes 140 characters are not enough. On RichTweets you can create full HTML tweets, with colors, images, links, videos and widgets.
Like TwitPic, your rich tweets will automatically be posted to your Twitter account.


  • RichTweets – When 140 characters are not enough


  • @richtweets_com – Create full HTML Tweets, with links, colors, images, videos and widgets.
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