Proxlet- Tweet Filter For Chrome

Proxlet, a Google Chrome Extension, allows you to make your Twitter timeline, clean and simple. It does so by filtering the annoying tweets that you get daily on your timeline.

With Proxlet, you can mute annoying users, can block the Foursquare checkins. Proxlet is the best Chrome extension to fight noise on your Twitter timeline and to save your time that you waste daily in reading the annoying updates from other users, that don’t have any benefit for you.

Moreover, you can use Proxlet to hide tweets based on hashtags and to see links from chatty users. In short words, Proxlet is a perfect Chrome extension that brings the simplicity in your Twitter timeline by cleaning all the annoying tweets.

Using Proxlet doesn’t cost you anything. You should give Proxlet, a try now.


  • Get rid from the annoying tweets
  • Block the annoying Foursquare Checkins
  • Hide tweets related to any particular topic
  • Free to use
Proxlet Says
Fight the noise on Twitter. Mute users, filter tags, and block apps (permanently or temporarily).
Web Says
Proxlet– Tweet Filter For Chrome


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