PrintYourTwitter – print all your tweets

PrintYourTwitter is a cool app that helps you print all your tweets!

Once you login with your twitter credentials, you can choose to print tweets from your twitter account as well as all your friends tweets. There’s an option to select tweets belonging to individual twitter friends as well.

Enter search terms and print tweets that match your keywords of interest. The twitpics included in the tweets can also be printed.

PrintYourTwitter allows you to print up to 3200 most recent tweets!


  • Print your twitter updates
  • Choose to print updates from your own account, friends etc.
  • Print tweets matching a search criteria
  • Print up to 3200 of the most recent tweets


PrintYourTwitter Says

Print a diary of your tweets.
Archive your tweets on your computer.
Add tweets & twitpics to your holiday photos.
Surprise your friends with their tweet journal.
Save/print keyword searches on



  • @printyourtweets – Print your tweets! What were you doing? You can contact us at
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23 thoughts on “PrintYourTwitter – print all your tweets

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    It seems that printing your tweets is a popular idea! They say imitation is the best form of flattery.

    If all this printing is getting too much for your eco-conscience, then here are a couple of green sites to make you feel better! – offers a free download of a chainsaw sound that plays everytime you print to remind you of trees being chopped down. Nice. – encourages users to add a “please consider the environment before printing” signature to every email.

    We’re thinking of adding a whole page of these at as a kind of offset for all this printing we’re encouraging!


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