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If you are addicted to Twitter and own an Android gadget then you must have used many clients for Twitter till date. But, out of all the apps in the Android app store, Plume is the app which I’ve found to be best and took my time to review it here.

Plume is the no.1 Twitter client for Android. This app allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily. Well,  you may be thinking that there are many apps who provide the same service, then why is Plume the best? Nice thinking! And the answer to your question is that Plume allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts in a fully customized manner.

Talking about the features of this awesome app, the one thing I like most about it is that you get full control over the look of your Twitter account. You can customize the app so as to assign different colors to tweets and also can choose different themes according to your taste. The app has been designed to support honeycomb systems as well.

The user interface of the app is totally unique allowing to use Twitter account with full features i.e. you can post tweets, retweets, check notifications, send messages and  more with a single touch. You can refresh your feed by just touching the refresh button.

Posting tweets to your Twitter account becomes easier with this app. There are three options regarding posting tweets on the home screen of this app. You can select the option of hash tag instead of finding the symbol. Moreover, posting links become very easy with this app as you don’t have to write ‘http://’ ever. For this you can simply use the option on the home screen.

Opening the web pages become easier and faster with built in browser. You can set the option to load the avatars or not. Uploading the picture is also very simple and fast. In fact, we can say that Plume makes you experience a faster Twitter!

If you want to get more out of Twitter, then download this app now, which is completely free.

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  • Manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • Customize your Twitter, the way you want
  • Assign different colors to tweets
  • Switch between different options with single touch
  • Use fast Twitter with fast access to basic tasks
  • Facebook  Support


Plume Says

Now, you can see many flows (timeline, mentions, DM…) in the same screen. You can easily change the content of a column. You can see in a dedicated screen the information about the tweets and the profiles. And Plume uses the native Honeycomb behavior for more comfort.


  • Plume: Manage multiple Twitter accounts with full customization and fast speed


@Plume: Post Tweets, retweets, check messages etc. with fully customized Twitter account of your choice.


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