PlentyOfTweeps – for all you singles on Twitter

PlentyOfTweeps is a Twitter dating site that wants to help you find a date. Not only does the site display twitter singles in your area, it also helps you break the ice with the person you like!

The site allows you to easily search twitter users near you and helps you contact the users in an easy  and anonymous way without having to worry about your friends and followers noticing it.

There is a built-in messaging system and you can have your profile featured on the site by uploading two or more photos which can help you find a cool person to go for coffee with, go to the park with, go for a run or bike ride!


  • Meet intelligent, word-smithy, sexy people on Twitter that you wouldn’t get a chance to meet
  • Search out twitter users and “Like” them. They’ll receive an anonymous tweet and join to find you!


PlentyOfTweeps Says Web

Single? Use Twitter? Awesome



  • @PlentyOfTweeps – Single? Use Twitter? Awesome. Brad Bollenbach, co-founder of Also @30sleeps.
  • @30Sleeps – co-founder, writer at, long walks on the beach, etc.
  • @MarkRainer – Co-founder of PlentyOfTweeps and Founder of UsedEverywhere
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