Pinstagram- The Best Way To Use Instagram On The Web

Love the layout of Pinterest and want to enjoy the same with your Instagram photos? Then, Pinstagram is the solution for you.

Pinstagram is a web-based app for Instagram that  lets you to enjoy your Instagram photos in style of popular image site Pinterest. You just need to sign into Pinstagram using your Instagram account. Along with viewing your pictures, you can also share them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest; can like and comment on them within this app. You can search for tags, photos, users and photos nearby you.

In short, Pinstagram brings the combination of Instagram and Pinterest, with some other awesome features as a bonus. This app is completely free to use. You should give Pinstagram, a try now.


  • Enjoy Instagram photos in Pinterest type layout
  • Login with your Instagram photos to see your friend’s photos
  • Share images on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Like photos and post comment on them
  • Search for tags, users and photos nearby you

Pinstagram Says

Pinstagram is a free service that lets you enjoy Instagram on the web.
Pinstagram works seamlessly with your Instagram account.

Pinstagram lets you view your feed, popular photos, and more. Pinstagram is a work in progress and we appreciate your comments and feedback.

Web Says

Pinstagram– Pinterest + Instagram




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