PingWire – view the latest images posted on Twitter in real-time

PingWire displays images posted on various twitter image sharing sites such as twitpic, yfrog, twitgoo, tweetphoto, mobypicture, etc.

You get a real-time display with new images scrolling onto the screen. This can be a fun way to view images. Photos with the most retweets are displayed at the bottom of the screen.


  • View the latest images posted on Twitter in real-time
  • Displays images from twitpic, yfrog, twitgoo etc


PingWire Says

PingWire was created by one night when Allan Grinshtein couldn’t sleep. Since then, it’s been written about in countless blogs and newspapers, and featured in web video and on television. You may have seen it covered on BoingBoing, CNet, or BBC News. It’s clear that PingWire is perhaps the most amazing website ever created.


  • PingWire – Latest pictures posted on Twitter in real-time


  • @allan – My fathers sleep on the sunrise plains, and each one sleeps alone.

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  • @rich_oglesby – Pseudo-nerd – ex social media listener / internet researcher
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