Pay With A Tweet- A Social Payment System

Pay With a Tweet is an awesome service that allows you to pay for products by tweets.

This well-renowned app has benefits for both parties i.e. both for product seller and buyer. Nowadays social media is at its best and Twitter is the best marketing tool. If people on Twitter talk about your product, then it’s of more value as compared to value that you would get for product. For product buyers; they get the stuff by tweeting only.

Product owner can create a tweet pay button by clicking on ‘Create a Pay Button‘ and then providing basic information including the tweet message that would get tweeted by person,  who is willing to get the product or service for free. You can track the number of people who paid you via tweets, using third party tracking service like TwentyFeet.

It’s completely free to use. You should try Pay With a Tweet, Now.


  • Social payment system
  • Allow your customers to pay with tweets
  • Effective way to promote your product or service on Twitter
  • Good for both the product buyer and seller
  • Completely free to use

Pay With A Tweet- Now Pay With Tweet

Pay With a Tweet Says

Pay with a Tweet is a great tool for everyone who wants to create buzz around his or her product, service, brand or just themselves. The value of people talking about your product is more that you would get for it.

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Pay With A Tweet– A Social Payment System

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