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Want to post tweet in your Twitter timeline but aren’t connected to the Internet right now? Well, this is the most irritating moment which I suffer many times. You might be in the queue with me. There are many chances when we get some cool and interesting idea and want to share it with others by tweeting, but can’t do because of having no internet connection.

Don’t let your ideas to die before spreading the word about it. Offline Tweet is an awesome Android app that can help you in tweeting offline. Yeah, you heard it right. You can tweet offline in your Twitter account.

Well, the app is not about posting tweet offline. What this app does is, it saves your tweets in it and allow you to tweet with the single click. You can add as many number of tweets, you want to add and can send them easily with one click.

Imagine the case when you are getting lots of ideas and news to use as tweets and you don’t have internet connection. You can save all the tweets and can post them whenever you get WiFi access, right from your Android gadget.

Really helpful app. Isn’t it? The app is completely free to use. You should give Offline Tweet, a try now.


  • Tweet, when you don’t have internet connection
  • Save as many no. of tweets you want to
  • Send the tweets in your Twitter account with single click, when you get internet access
  • Completely free to use

 Offline Tweet Says

Offline Tweet is a cool Twitter app for Android which allows you to tweet, when you don’t have internet access.

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