Nsyght – real-time social search engine

Nsyght is a real-time search engine which you can use to search social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Flickr etc.

Some of the features that Nsyght offers:

Powerful search

– Search your social graph across all the services you use in real time
– Search by a single user, or even your own posts
– Filter and search your personal firehose to see just videos, photos, discussions, music, or even news posted by your friends

Ease of use

– Register and login with your twitter account
– Uses oAuth for authentication
– Login support for OpenID, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Clickpass


– Keep track of discussions among your friends and see the replies in threaded form.
– Search for discussions by keyword or topic of interest among people outside of your graph.
– Regardless if a reply is posted on nsyght or twitter, nsyght will thread the replies inline.


– Be notified via email when someone replies to you
– Be notified when someone replies to a discussion you are directly involved with, or have subscribed to.


– Nsyght now shows what’s trending – with data taken from both twitter and facebook. So a user can see the most popular videos or news items in real time.
– There is support for filtering by discussion. This is really interesting because a user can either view their own discussions, or discussions based on a query
– Nsyght has improved discussion threading, now if a user posts a similar/duplicate item to Facebook and Twitter, it can merge the ensuing discussions together. This means, blog owners can keep track of the discussions in one place. WordPress plugin coming soon.
– When nsyght receives a url in a post, it fetches information from the source site to add to the context. So, instead of just going off of what the user posts, you can now see a preview of what is on the site. Never get rickrolled again.
– Nsyght can now sort your realtime feed by audio and news, as well as discussion.
– Nsyght now has over 1M searchable videos and 2M searchable photos. Also more than 20M news items.


  • Web app for twitter
  • Support for multiple networks: Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Vimeo, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Last.fm, and Delicious
  • Search your twitter friends in real time
  • Update/Post, search, and filter your own personal firehose
  • Easily RT/share things you find with your graph from twitter or even from other social services we support
  • View discussions in threaded form
  • Updates appear and are posted in real time
  • View videos and thumbnails inline


Nsyght Says

Nsyght is a fully featured twitter web client that allows you to aggregate, share, and search your twittersocial graph in real time. Nsyght also supports threaded discussions, email alerts, inline video and photo display, and support for other services like Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon, Flickr, Vimeo, Delicous, and Last.fm



  • @djhomeless – Ex-Texan in London. Founder of the real time social service, nsyght.com. Lucky Dad and Husband.
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