Mytwebo – get your favorite tweets onto a pdf!

Mytwebo lets you backup favorite tweets onto a pdf. Once you login using Twitter oAuth, the site displays your friends and followers. You can choose among the friends and followers and have their tweets onto a pdf.

The site also gives you the option to search for users. You can have tweets from multiple users backed up onto the pdf.


  • Backup tweets from multiple twitter users
  • Tweets backedup onto a pdf
  • Uses twitter oAuth

Mytwebo Says

myTwebo gives the control back to YOU. The rightful owners of the content generated by you and other twitter users. It lets you create PDF backup of your favorite tweets. And we do know from our own experience that your favorite tweets might not be your own!


  • Mytwebo – Backup tweets from multiple twitter users onto a pdf


  • @mytwebo – We are different! myTwebo lets you backup tweets from multiple users into a single PDF!
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